A Simple Love Craze

Sunday is a normal 14 year old girl who lives a normal life and does normal things....She wishes. Her mother drags her all around the country with her 'brilliant-pay' job, she's stuck with her boyfriend who needs a serious wake-up call, and.....could it get worse?

Monday 20th June

Mondays. You gotta hate them. I mean seriously, you have the best weekend ever, then you get woken up at 7 in the next day. What's great about that? Not much. Even though I had a boring weekend, so I suppose the feeling could be worse. Everyday for me is boring. Especially Sundays. That's my name. Sunday. People tease me because you know it is the most boring day ever. So they think I should live up to my name. I hate my mother for calling me Sunday. I hate my mother for most things though. She is an artist. Apparently it is a well paid job, but how comes we live in a caravan? I don't mind living here though. If your wondering where I mean by 'here', then I mean Sussex. I better go now though because i've got school. Wish me luck.

Love Sunday Xx

The End

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