Some one, help, please.

I crashed through the brush, my lungs burning. I had to find shelter, a safe place to hide. There had to be some where to hide here somewhere. 

The dogs bayed behind me, the Hunters yelling. The silver dart they had lodged in my arm stung but it was barbed and too deep to just yank out. I was trapped in this weak and usless form. Why were they after me of all people? I was peaceful! I would never hurt any one.

Their shouts were unintelligible as the dogs gained on me. I wasn't going to last much longer, my legs were failing me, the muscles tired from the running that they weren't used to. Just don't fall! 

I could hear the river ahead of me and hope blossomed. There was a cave just up stream if I was in the right place. Plus the water might get the dogs off my trail. All I had to do was make it to the river! That burst of hope gave me a renewed boost of strength. I could make it. 

That all disappeared as I felt teeth rip into my thigh. 

I hit the ground, three vicious hunting hounds landing on top of me, biting and tearing at my skin. The Hunters would be on me soon.

Suddenly, one of the dogs yelped and was thrown off. I heard the whistle of an arrow as it took out another. Shaking off the third I looked up to the tree as the archer drew another arrow. It took out the third dog easy.

"Get out of here!" She yelled. I couldn't see her face, but that voice no doubt belonged to a female. 

"Who are you?"

She climbed down and picked me up from the ground. "They call me Nyx. Now get out of here!" She gave me a shove. 

I looked back at her masked face, her eyes as dark as the midnight sky. "How can I thank you?"

"Don't bother. Now GET OUT!" She took off into the forest just as the Hunters drew closer.

Following her lead, I booked it, hoping to someday come across the mysterious woman named Nyx again.

The End

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