A Shot at Happiness

It was just another dreary Thursday. He was at the apothecary shop. Rows after row of shiny neat bottles lined the shelves. They varied in shape and size depending on the liquids they held inside them. There was a tiny round bottle, the size of a thimble, that held a metallic gold liquid. The label read 'Luck' scrawled in tiny handwriting. He scanned the shelves, his eyes resting on bottle after bottle of emotions. Towards the wall, on a cobweb covered shelf, sat a tall and skinny bottle which held a black

tar like liquid labeled 'Despair'. On a table towards the center of the room held an assortment of identical bottles. They were heart shaped and filled with a pink and frothy liquid. They were labeled 'Love'. Then his eyes fell upon a small table near the back of the shop. There it was, the object of his desires. a small cylindrical bottle. The fluid inside the bottle was bright yellow in color. Written on the label in neat letters was 'Happiness'.

It was such a tragic thing, he thought, to feel the need to buy happiness from a bottle. He didn't know why he was so unhappy, he just was. Then again maybe it was just emptiness. Perhaps he should buy a bottle of fulfillment as well, just for good measure. He felt lost and alone and sad, constantly. He wanted to feel happy, but in some weird kind of way, he also wanted to just wallow in it and really feel sad for a while.

As he made his way to the table, several other bottles stood out to him from the shelves. On a pyramid shaped bottle filled with clear fluid sat the label 'Peace'. Further down the shelf was a cube shaped bottle labeled 'intellect' filled to the brim with a brilliant blue fluid. He had reached the table. He saw that a significant number of the bottles were missing. There were a lot of unhappy people in this world. Preparing for the future, he grabbed three bottles from the table and headed to the register.

After paying for the chemicals, he left the shop and walked across the street to the park. Finding himself a seat on a park bench, he removed one of the bottles from its packaging. He studied it for a while, turning it back and forth in his hands. With a deep sigh, he pulled the cork from the top and took a large sip.

He opened his eyes, blinking profusely, in an attempt to make them adjust to the sudden brightness. He felt lighter than he had before. A smile spread across his face as he stood from the bench. There was an unfamiliar feeling in his heart.

He was happy.

The End

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