Chapter Two

One hour later, at the party, I walk up the stairs in to a big meeting hall. There are so many people, quite different from the small cafe from before. Everyone is shining and graceful and in my new dress I join that crowd. A few people dance on the varnished floor while others eat at long tables situated around the room. Many people stand talking or watching the dancers in awe, because they in their simple lives have never learned to dance.

   A group of my friends meet me in the corner, giggling. I have very few sensible friends, I think that I am sensible for all of us, but one of them. Poppy is sensible and clever. She always knows what to do and is a talentedd performer. The rest of them are slightly mad, crazy, bonkers, psychopathic, you get the idea. Tonight they seem relatively calm, but that's what we thought last time. You do not want to know. So there I am, stood with my friends, and then one of them says,

"Ooh, he's new, and hot!"

Turning we all looked for her new hottie. That's when I saw him. It was the guy from the cafe. This was obviously the man my friend was transfixed on. I turned my head to hide from him. But he must have seen me, because there was a little scream from my freind, then the frantic checking of teeth and hair from all of them.

He introduced himself to us, giving me a smile as he started the small talk. I was too embarrassed to say much, and soon excused myself to get a drink. However, just a few minutes later, he followed me.

"Hello again."

"Um, hi. Look, thanks for this afternoon."

"No problem. I was wondering, whether you would like to go  out for dinner sometime."

"Oh," I was so flustered I had to think for a moment before I could actually speak, "Yeah, that would be, great."

He smiled. "Saturday evening? Pick you up at eight?"

"Yeah, um, great."

We chatted, and he told me of his new career as an actor, while I told him about the new film I was doing. My friends swooped down and took me away for details not long after, but I refused to give them any. My cafe man had just asked me out, and I'd said yes. I was happy.

The End

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