We were enclosed in a tight corner.

Honey had run to me as soon as it started, and we had stood there waiting for it to stop. But it didn't stop. It got worse.

The shower heads began disconnecting themselves from the wall, and Honey dragged me right under the sinks in terror.

Now the only things that hadn't fallen were the two sinks nearest to us. Everything was spraying water and we were absolutely soaked.

Honey hid her face from what was going on, and I only wished I could do the same.
The cubicle opposite us had collapsed and fallen in our direction, and the force of it hitting the sink above my head caused the pipe to press into my scalp.

I was leaning against the corner, with my neck at an uncomfotable angle and my legs pressed as close to me as they could possibly get. Honey had wrapped her legs and arms tightly around my torso, and we were wedged into a small triangle. And we were completely still.

And then the lights went out.

And then the ceiling started to crumble.

The last thing I thought to do was apologise to Luke. Somehow, I managed to get my phone from my pocket, receiving a sharp pain in my arm as I did so.

He didn't answer, and the message was a haze in my mind.

The final thing I did was wrap my arms around Honey, covering as much of her body as I could.

The End

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