The hotel turned out to be really quite shabby, but I guess that was to be expected from anywhere booked by a couple of teenagers who were paying for it with pocket money.

Our room did have a mini fridge, though, so when we got in I started unpacking the drinks that were noticably warmer than when I packed them.

"Kate," Lucas tried, but I kept ignoring him. I don't know why. It had created a lump in my throat which made my voice sound weird, and I didn't want him to see that I was upsetting myself.

Mikey and Honey were occupied by the TV for the moment, so they couldn't see that we'd fallen out.

"Kate, will you talk to me?"

I got up and moved the suitcase to the bottom of the bed so I could see what clothes had been packed for the kids, and preoccupied myself with that.

It lasted for about a minute before Lucas grabbed my arm and swung me 'round to face him. We frowned at each other.

"Katie, will you take me to the toilet?" Honey asked, tugging at my shirt.

"You're going to have to talk to me sometime," Luke informed me before he let go of my arm.

I acted like the moment hadn't even happened and left the room with my jaw clenched.

The one and only bathroom turned out to be on the bottom floor, and it contained three useless showers, four toilets and a three sinks.

Honey had just left her cubical when everything started rattling violently.

The End

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