I was really annoyed. Not just with Kate for being uptight, but with myself for being an idiot. And now my sister had favourited Kate at completely the wrong time for them to get close.

Because we were hours late, we'd hit rush hour in London, which meant that we'd have to scrap the plans we had for today.

It was an absolute disaster.

"I'm bored!" Mikey complained to me.

"We'll be there in a minute," I sighed.

Behind us, Kate and Honey were talking and giggling about something or other. That was the thing between boys and girls. Put and young girl and an older girl together and they either argue or get along. A young boy and an older boy together and ninety five percent of the time they argue, and the other five they complain.

Finally (finally!) the coach stopped. Both the kids screamed at the top of their lungs, to the result of dirty looks from the twenty passengers closest to us.

We discovered, much to our alarm, that the hotel we'd booked for the night was at least an hour and a half away. Neither of us had enough money to grab a taxi, especially since it would probably take us longer to get there in a vehicle than it would on foot because of the traffic.

"Kids, we're gonna have to walk," I sighed.

"Awwww!" They complained simultaneously.

Kate, however, had it covered. She knelt down to their height and put on an excited look. "Hey, if you can be big like me and Luke, and be good all the way there, there might be a surprise for you in our room."

Cheers and applause from both children, and from my mind.

"But!" Kate pouted and looked stern. Mike and Honey gasped dramatically. "If you are naughty at all..." she paused for effect. "You won't get to stay up and watch TV!" She poked both of their bellybuttons and they giggled.

Why was Kate so good with kids and I wasn't?

The journey to the hotel proved to be a complete success, with the only problem being when Honey fell over and scraped her knee. Even then, Kate got her to stop crying within a minute and soon she was happy as ever.

I kept trying to talk to Kate, but she was deliberately avoiding conversation with me.

It hurt, but I guess I deserved it. And I was sure I would've done the same to her.

When we reached the hotel, all I wanted do was go to sleep and forget about all of this. I was determinded that when I woke up it would have all been a dream and Kate wouldn't have been moving and we wouldn't have argued on the coach.

The End

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