It was twenty five minutes past one, and the two little devils we'd brought along with us were finally falling asleep. Thank God.

The coach had broken down a few hours back, so now we were two hours behind schedule. Luke had filled Mikey and Honey with hot chocolate at the service station, and forced them to go to the loo even though they were insistent they didn't need to. His plan obviously worked, because they hadn't said much since the first five minutes of getting back on the coach.

"This is heavenly," Luke said from beside me. He'd adopted my pose with his eyes shut and his head against the chair.

I leaned against him, agreeing, "Bliss."

"I don't think..." he yawned widely. "I don't think they'll ever forget this."

He was back on the subject of the move - one which I'd been trying to avoid since our hug. I could already feel tears prickling my eyes. For all the brave facade I'd put up, the fact that in three days time we'd be separated, probably forever, was killing me.

"I don't think we will either."

"Kate, I-"


"No, seriously-"

"Be quiet."


"I don't want to hear it!" I exclaimed at a level that would not disrupt everyone else on the vehicle.

Luke sighed. "I don't get you sometimes. This is the most crucial part in our friendship."

"Well I hate it." I said. "It's the crucial point where we basically have to accept that we'll not have to be friends any more, and  hate it."

"Do you not want us to be friends?"

"Of course I do, but we can't be."

There was silence. This was not what I wanted to happen at all.

"This trip was a stupid idea," Luke grumbled, and shifted slightly so that I had to stop leaning on him.

"You're the one who thought of it," I shot back just as moodily.

If I had known at that moment hat my reaction would change the course of the weekend, I would have left it. But I didn't.

Luke got up and tapped Honey's shoulder. "Honey, we've got to swap places, love."

"Why?" She asked, only semi-conscious.

"The bus driver said so," he lied blatantly. That stung. He lifted her up and placed her gently next to me.

She leant against me. "Hello, Katie."

"Hi, Honey."

"Are you angry with my brother?"


She giggled. "Don't worry. Sometimes Mikey is really annoying. Girls are much better." Then she yawned and fell asleep again.

The End

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