Kate was my favourite person on the planet. Literally. Even my boyfriend had nothing on her, although I still held it against her how much she hated him. She held it against me that I even considered going out with him. So basically, we both thought the other was inconsiderate of our feelings. We put it behind us, but he tension became fog-like whenever they were in a room together.

However, despite our childish quarrel, I was devastated. Kate was moving away to a completely different city, and there was no way I would be able to see her much again.

When she told me, she was in tears, and it was all I could do not to break down myself. Then I spent the whole year and a half after that trying not to show her how much it upset me.

Last night, though. Last night had been the breaking point, when it really hit me that I was unlikely to see her ever again. I cried for hours. I loved her. Hell, I even asked her out before I fell out of the closet. And now, just like that, she was going to be gone.

And there was Honey, too. She and Kate's brother, Michael, were best friends.Not quite as close as Kate and I, as they were only young, but still very close. Honey didn't really understand quite yet, and I was worried it would take until Mikey did't turn up at school for a while for it to sink in.

I knew that Mikey understood fully because Kate didn't like to draw things out for longer than they needed to be. She'd talked to him and told him exactly how it was. He'd taken it easily in his stride, a trait that he'd sponged from his sister.

"Kids! Your coach is here! Hurry up, I'll finish packing!" Kate's mum called up the  stairs. In the room opposite, Michael and Honey screamed and bolted down the stairs, sounding like a herd of elephants.

Kate stopped me as I turned to leave the room, and then hugged me fiercely. I returned the embrace wordlessly, the action saying so much more than words ever could.


I must say, kids seem to have a very selective personality change. Honey and Michael were normally good as gold together, but on a coach they were like little spawns of Satan.

After the first hour of the journey, Kate was covered in lemonade, Honey had yoghurt in her hair, and I was rubbing my scalp where Mikey had reached over the seat and pulled mine. Not to mention the trillion complaints from the other passengers about the noise the kids were making and the stuff they were throwing about.

"Luke! I need the toilet!" Honey moaned at me for the millionth time.

"Well you should have gone before we left," I responded bluntly, habing said it too many times to care any more.

"But I didn't need it then!"

"I want a drink!" Mikey piped up, aiming his request at Kate.

"There's none left," she lied in response without even opening her eyes.

"But I want one!"

She sighed. "Well you should have thought about that before you drank them all, shouldn't you?"

Cue the first of the fake tears, quickly followed by loud wailing from both of them.

Katie groaned and hit her head lightly on he seat before returning to her pretence of sleep. If only I could block it out that well. I still don't know why we let them sit together that day.

The End

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