Michael bounced into my room and onto my bed. "Kateeeeee!"

I rolled over groggily and rubbed my eyes. "Go back to bed, Mikey. It's too early."

"But Mum said we have to get up early!"

"Not this early. Go back to bed."

"But we're moving today! Yesterday you said you were happy we were moving."

I shifted my legs to regain feeling in them. "I am happy," I mumbled. "But I'm also tired. Go back to bed."

"But Honey and Lucas are here to hellllp!"

Suddenly I was wide awake, and Mikey giggled as he tumbled onto the floor. "What time even is it?" A quick check of my phone revealed it was much later than I thought. A recheck told me it was even later than that because I had read it upside down the first time.

Right: clothes, hair, teeth, face, food.

I caught sight of Luke and his sister as I passed the front room with a slice of toast in my mouth and a brush being dragged through my hair. Luke raised an eyebrow at me and I mirrored his action. For some reason I got the impression that mine looked a little more comical than his, though.

Luke was my best friend in the whole world. I'd rather have him than any boyfriend. There was no-one in the world who understood me like Luke did, and it had been that way since we were six years old.

Last year, though, we had a bit of a fallout because he started going out with this guy who was not on my personal list of favourites. When I say that, I mean this guy was really not someone who you wanted to be around for an extended amount of time. I could not stand him, and I have no idea how he managed to lure Luke into his trap, but it worked, and he hadn't managed to escape yet. He kept trying to talk the guy up to me. Obviously he had been brainwashed.

The argument probably would've lasted longer, but we only lived a few doors down from each other, and our siblings were closer than Ariel and Flounder, so making friends again was rather a necessity.

"Kate, have I ever told you how weird you are?" Lucas followed me upstairs to the spare room, where there were boxes stacked against the wall. We each took an empty one to my room.

"You have, actually," I answered as we began emptying my cupboards and drawers.

At that point, the two eight-year-olds thundered their way upstairs and went into Michael's room. We could hear them talking and see them packing up the boxes inside.

"They have so got to get married when they grow up," Lucas shook his head and smiled.

"What do you mean, so got to?" I laughed. "We're  going to make sure of it."

Luke nodded. "And they'll have to children, named after us because we did such a good job planning their future." He grinned.

The End

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