Afterwards, I lay there panting and said "How does it always feel so good?""

No. Idea," Denias whispered, hugging her waist. "I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered. A random thought entered my mind and I was suddenly curious about something. "Denias, I have a question."

"Yes?" he asked, so quick to give me anything I wanted or needed.

"Is there any way that ... you could make me a shape-shifter too?"

"A bite and then blood from every member of the pack I belong to. I do not belong to a pack yet ... so I could turn you on my own but...." Denias trailed off, looking annoyed as he gazed at the bed sheets.

"What?" I asked. I followed his gaze but then realised he was just looking away, and so returned to gaze back at him, blushing slightly.

"My parents would be furious and I do not wish to displease them. They both expect me to take the place of Alpha from my father and become mate with the next Alpha female."

I gripped him tightly in sudden desperation.

"No! That's not going to happen," I insisted. "Can't you just ignore your parents?"

"No, every time I shift.... I feel a desire to run to the pack but luckily my heart is stronger than my natural instinct."

"Oh," I whispered. I gazed down at my chastity ring and thought about how willingly I ignored my parents for Denias, and felt sorry for him not having much of a choice.

Denias tilted my face up. "I can't leave you, though, Cara. I-I love you too much."

"I know, baby," I said quietly. "I just wish life wasn't so tough for us."

Denias nodded slightly, then rested my forehead against his.

"Hmm," I murmured contentedly.

Suddenly, the door swing open. Luckily Denias pulled the covers up in lightning speed. A girl stood in the doorway. She gasped.

"Mr and Mrs Lupe!!" she yelled.

"Shit," Denias swore.

His parents rushed in.

"Son! What the hell are you doing?!?" his father snapped.

"Being with my girlfriend," Denias growled. I clung to him nervously.

"You are to be Alpha. You are to be with Jessica," his father growled back, indicating the girl who was about two years younger than Denias.

"I don't want to be with her!" Denias growled, pulling me into his arms. "I'm with Cara, I love her and you will not take her away from me. I will deny being the next Alpha if I have to just to keep her."

Everyone gasped. This Alpha thing was evidently important.

 I buried my head into his shoulder and began to cry softly.

Denias held me tighter and whispered in my ear, "Shhh, Cara, it's okay."

"Jessica, come with me," Mrs Lupe said, taking the girl out.

His father remained standing there, furious.

"Cara," he said, directly addressing me, "I like you but I'm sorry - you cannot be with my son."

I was filled with despair.

"It's not your choice!" Denias yelled.

"Please, sir," I said. "Please let us be together."

"Never. My son will continue the change and he cannot do that with you... a mere human." His disgust shocked me.

Denias began to growl, it rumbling deep in his chest.

I cried harder but stood up to Mr Lupe, determined I would never give my darling Denias up for anyone.

"You would be human if you weren't a shape-shifter. If something had been different in your genetic makeup, you would be normal like me too."

"Get out, Cara," Denias's father growled, obviously not appreciating my logic.

"She will not," Denias snapped back, holding me tight in his arms.

I didn't look at Denias's father: frankly, he scared me. Instead, I just held Denias and prayed for everything to blow over.

"Get out, father," Denias said calmly. His father stormed out, slamming the door. Denias relaxed and his grip became slightly less painful.

"I... I've never stood up to him like that before." He looked stunned by himself.

I was still sobbing. I was hugging Denias and crying into him, unable to talk.

"Oh, Cara" he whispered, tilting up my face. He kissed me sweetly, then kissed away my tears. "Don't cry."

I buried my face back into his shoulder. "I want to curl up in a ball and never see the world again," I said. "Take me far away, Denias, away from controlling parents. Maybe we should die together."

"Oh, Cara," he whispered. "Do you really wish for that?"

"Maybe," I whispered. "All I want is to be yours. All I want is to be free. All I want is happiness." I knew I was using terrible grammar but I honestly couldn't care less in the circumstances.

"Then we'll run away. We'll escape. I'll turn you and we'll run to a forest far away and live there."

"Yes," I said with certainty. "And there, we'll love each other and forget the world and no one will ever bother us again."

Denias nodded. "Um... you do realise that means... I have to, uh, bite you?" he asked.

I laughed. "But Denias, ... it's not as though you've not bitten me before!"

Denias smiled cheekily. "This will be a different sort of bite," he whispered, kissing the skin of my shoulder. "Are you ready?"

I shivered. I was suddenly frightened and uncertain. This was going to be a big change. Could I handle it?

"I ... I don't know, baby," I whispered.

"Oh..." Denias kissed my shoulder again. I felt him tense up.

And that kiss put everything into perspective. I was changing for Denias, which meant I definitely could handle it. There was nothing that I wouldn't do for my wondrous lover.

I closed my eyes. "Okay. I'm going to do this. I love you. I'm ready."

Denias slowly sank his teeth into my shoulder, and it hurt. It hurt, it hurt, it hurt. I began to resist him, to try to fight the pain that was coursing through my veins, burning like fire.

Denias pinned my wrists down and put his knees on my legs to stop me kicking out.

"Sorry," I gasped. I didn't want to fight Denias. I had an idea. "Hey! Make me feel pleasure."

Denias suddenly pulled his teeth out.

"No need - I'm done." He cut his wrist. "You'll need to drink before it heals."

His skin healed quickly. Already, the wound was starting to patch itself up.

Cautiously, I put my mouth to the wound and began to drink.

Denias kissed my neck as I did so.

"Hmm," I said, sighing delightedly. His blood tasted like warm honey, it melted on my tongue

"Hmmm." I drew the syllable out longer in my pleasure.

Suddenly, Denias pulled his wrist back. I was at once anxious that I had been starting to hurt him.

"Did I drink too much?" I asked. "Sorry! I'm really sorry!"

"No, no," Denias whispered brushing his lips on mine. "It's okay."

Quite unexpectedly, I lost consciousness. The last thing I saw was Denias's loving face, gazing down upon me as if I were an angel.

The End

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