Denias' BeautyMature

I woke up and smiled as I saw Denias' figure beside me. He looked so calm when he was asleep. I snuggled closer up to him, having somehow rolled slightly away in the night (which caused me to think that my body was crazy). I closed my eyes as I put an arm around him and whispered "Oh I love you."


I jumped at his voice. Then relaxed back into him.

"No," I teased. "I'm just saying that because I'm a sucker for kittens."

Denias smiled and kissed me. He then heard a noise and shifted into kitten form.

I covered him up with the blanket and waited, eyes and ears strained for the slightest movement or noise. It turned out just to be my sister, going downstairs to watch TV.

"Coast clear," I whispered.

Denias shifted back with a sigh. Then he smiled at me. "We should go to mine."

"We should," I agreed. I grinned. "You should kidnap me."

Denias chuckled and picked me up, carrying me out of the window. I think I stopped breathing as we fell but he landed on his feet easily.

"Wow, you can jump out of high buildings?" I asked, quite stupidly actually.

Denias chuckled. "Wolf power" he mocked and lowered me down onto my feet.

I leant up to kiss him. "Well, now be a pony."

Denias shifted into a horse. A stunning horse which was dark, dark black. I climbed onto the beautiful creature. I had been about to say 'Giddy up horsey,' but I found I couldn't now, so inspired by the magnificent body beneath me and the velvet softness of its mane. My fingers twined in it and I leant down to kiss Denias' head.

"You're always this beautiful," I told him. "Always this special." I hugged his neck, resting my face against him. "And I meant what I said this morning. I truly love you."

Denias neighed and began to trot.

I lay against him as he moved, hyper aware of every muscle that contracted and relaxed underneath me. "It's like your body melts," I thought aloud. "This is what people mean when they talk about fluid motion."

Soon, we arrive beneath his bedroom window. He neighed and gestured with his head for me to jump off.

I reluctantly slid off, sighing discontentedly.

"I wish that could have lasted forever," I murmured. I walked around and looked into his liquid, gorgeous eyes. I kissed him on the nose. "I love you," I said. I leant up towards his ear. "I love you," I repeated.

He shifted back to human. "I love you too," he said, pulling me into his arms and kissing me sweetly.

I returned the kiss, caressing him lovingly. I then drew back to look intently into his eyes and tell him "I recognised the beauty of your equine form. Do you want to know why?"

"Why?" Denias whispered.

"Because," I said, in a low and intense voice, "it was the beauty I've felt every time we've kissed, caressed and shown our love for each other. I most especially felt it last night when we shared the best moment of my life. It's the beauty you've so gratifyingly let me be part of. The beauty of your soul."

Denias face turned soft and he stroked my cheek. "...Want to feel that beauty again?"

I felt my heartbeat quicken. "I would love to feel that beauty again."

Denias smiled and turned around. "Piggy back. I need my arms."

My brow furrowed slightly, but I smiled and released him. I pretended to wince. "Ouch, the lack of contact is causing my heart to tear."

Denias helped me onto his back then climbed to his room. When we got in, he put me down and quickly locked the door.

I giggled. "I feel like a criminal."

"Then let me teach you a lesson," Denias says, smiling as he pushed me down onto the bed.

My heart is now pounding. I gaze up into his eyes and lose myself there.

"Okay," I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

He kissed me and started to unbutton my shirt...

The End

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