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I looked at Denias and swallowed hard. "Again?" I whispered.

Denias chuckled. "I'm teasing, come on." He pulled at the bed sheets. "Help me."

I watched him and couldn't decide if my expression was longing or desirous as I helped him strip the bed.

Denias balled up the sheets and handed them to me. "Your sheets," he said, winking.

I took them and went downstairs to put them in the wash basket. I rejoined him in my bedroom, but before kissing him again, I headed to the little cupboard in the corner which held towels and duvets and the like. I pulled a duvet cover out and returned to the bed. Once I'd finished making it, I turned to Denias.

"Sit," I ordered him, pointing to my bed.

Denias sat down with a raised eyebrow.

I smiled and ruffled his hair. "Good boy."

"I could actually be your puppy you know," he said, winking again. He made me feel weak inside when he did that. "Only, if you wanted."

I shivered and averted my gaze as I quietly replied "I'd rather be yours, actually." I glanced up at him shyly.

"Aww, that sweet," He leant in and kissed me. I trembled inside as the memory of the earlier passion rushed through me, warming up all of my body cells as I prepared to experience bliss again. I pulled away and whispered "What will I be doing for you today, master?" I sat sideways on his lap and gazed earnestly into his eyes, the depths of which seemed to swallow me up.

"What do you want to do?"

I smiled. "The whole point of a puppy is that they're obedient."

"Hmmm, I've never had a puppy before though I’d really rather be the puppy... or fox."

I lay down compliantly on the bed.

"Woof." I winked and said "I'll show you what having a puppy's like."

He leant down and kissed me. I returned the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck. My fingers twined in his hair. I pulled away to nuzzle into the side of his neck. I licked his skin and whisper "If you're interested in what I want, I reckon you could guess right now."

"We just changed the bed sheets," he moaned.

"Fine," I said, insulted by his complaint. I pulled away and stood up. I walked off haughtily.

"Aww, come on Cara." He shifted into a small kitten. "Meow."

I looked around and spotted the adorable creature.

"Oh hello!" I ran over and picked Denias up. I kissed his head and stroked his soft fur. "Hm, I wanna keep you like this." I ran downstairs, still holding him, and fetched a slice of ham. I held it before him. "Here, kitty."

He attacked the ham hanging in front of him with his paws and teeth. He got some off then chewed. "Meow."

I chuckled, almost dropping him. "Oops! Be careful, Denias. I might drop you, and then I'd have a boyfriend with no brains."

He jumped out of my hands and shifted into a puppy. "Wroof!"

I sighed. "I don't like puppies as much as kitten." I walked off, pretending to look bored. "Puppies are high maintenance," I said loudly.

He shifted back into human "You’re so hard to please." Out of the corner of my vision, I noticed his clothes, which had been ragged and torn after his first shift, were rags even more.

I turned and looked at one particular part of him. I gazed fixedly upon it. Looking back at his eyes, I smiled and said "I like playing hard to get." I ran upstairs, shutting the door behind me, and leaning against it. I grinned to myself.

Suddenly, an owl flew in through the window. Denias shifted back into human form, landing before me. He winked then pinned me to the door, kissing me passionately.

"Cheat!" I cried indignantly, but unable to deny to myself that I was loving what Denias was doing. He began to kiss me more passionately, pressing himself up against me.

"Stop," I gasped suddenly. I pretended to be in pain. "Ouch, Deni, stop!"

"How does this hurt?" he asked, kissing my neck.

"Owowow, you're pressing me up against a hard door."

He lifted me up and laid me down on the bed, supporting himself above me.

"This better?" he asked, kissing my neck again.

"It's still sore," I said in a childish tone, widening my eyes slightly.

"What's sore?"

"Everything," I say pouting.

He rolled off and just lay next to me.

"Ha!" I rolled over and put my knee on his chest. "Now I can get you back for cheating." I glanced over and saw my pyjamas. "Hm, I think I'm going to get dressed." I looked down at Denias. "But of course, still on top of you. I'm afraid you won't be able to caress me or do any of that stuff that must happen so frequently in your dreams." Reaching out to grab my nightclothes, I cheekily ask "Incidentally, how many ... special dreams do you have?" I winked as I gazed back down into his eyes.

"Dozens and hell this has been one.  You finally being in charge." He smiled at me.

I frowned. "You're meant to be in pain. I'm torturing you." I undo the zip of his jeans and leave it, beginning to undress.

His jeans became tight and he moaned.

"This is actually quite nice," he said with a smirk.

"Oh really?" I said, leaving myself topless for a few seconds while I grabbed a pillow and put it over his eyes.

"Now that just lets me imagine."

"Darn," I muttered.

Denias smirked again. I noticed his jeans were getting very tight.

I lifted the pillow, now in my nightclothes.

"Well, I'm going to bed," I said huffily, lifting my knee off his chest. Suddenly, I grabbed my belt and tied it around him, ensuring he wouldn't be able to move his arms. I ran around and jumped into my bed, pulling the duvet up around me. "Night," I called, snuggling down.

He shifted into kitten, thus rendering my belt useless, and crawled up to curl up next to her.

I peeked out.

"Ugh! You're so annoying!" I picked up the kitten, stood up and carried him out of the room. I came back in, shutting the kitten out and putting a chair against it. I went to shut my window and then returned to my bed, interested to see how Denias would react.

In kitten form, he scratched at the door, meowing.

"Hm, what's that I can hear?"

Suddenly the door was rammed open by a bull.  And Denias shifted back to human form, walking over and pinning me down. His eyebrows were raised.

I pretended to look scared. "Ah! There's a stranger in my bedroom."

Denias smiled and kissed me with a passion, stroking my sides. Then he shifted into kitten form and curled up on my chest, resting his head on my breast.

I sighed contentedly. "Stay here the night," I murmured as I crawled back into bed, cradling him against my chest. He meowed and snuggled closer.

I covered us up with the duvet. "Night then Denias. Love you."

He meowed and licked my lips.

"Yuk." I rubbed my mouth with the back of my hand. "Not cool, Denias. Urgh. Never do that again."

He shifted back to his human form and kissed me. "How about that?”

I folded my arms across my chest. "Get back into kitten form or I'm not letting you stay."

Denias stared, shocked. "Why? I can't speak in that form."

I grinned. "Exactly. And plus, I can't see your face."

Denias scowled and shifted back to kitten form. Unexpectedly, he began biting my pyjama buttons, undoing them.

"Denias! That is inappropriate." I picked up the kitten and put him on top of the duvet.

Stubbornly, he went back beneath the duvet and continued.

"Denias! You sex-crazed kitten, get off me or I'm putting you in my wastepaper basket."

He shifted back to human form. "Well, you won't let me stay human sooo..." He shifted back to kitten form and kept undoing my buttons. When he’d finished, he tried to pull my shirt off.

I picked up the kitten, headed to the corner of my room where my bin was and held him over it. "You want to go in there?"

He shifted back to human form then stepped away from the basket.

"Getting violent," he said. He pulled my shirt off while he was still human and kissed along my sternum.

"Get lost," I muttered.

"Nope." He kept kissing, coming back up to kiss my neck.

I gazed imploringly into his eyes. "Is this all our relationship is going to mean now?"

"No, we can go and have a picnic tomorrow.

“Or we could fly the skies.

"I'd be a dragon but..." He shrugged.

I sighed. "You sure?" I asked.

"Yes" Denias said, then kissed my neck again "Can I remain in my human form then till your parents get back?"

I smiled. "Yeah. Sorry about keeping shutting you out."

And so he climbed in beside me and held me. I snuggled into him and together we fell asleep.

The End

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