Shifting in front of Cara had been frightning and it had hurt when she'd screamed but I could understand. At least now she knew. Now there was only one thing stopping me from being with her and that was the pack shift. If I shifted with the pack I'd be instantly attracted to the alpha female in a way I couldn't resist it. The only way to stop this was to not shift with the pack unless I could change Cara into a shifter with me.

My parents had told me a human attraction would be kept in the shift but wouldn't tell me how to change her. I had a small idea though. I watched Cara waiting for her response.

She swallowed hard and whispered, "Oh". I felt pain echo through me as she turned away whispering it again. Then with out warning her knees buckled beneath her. I was across the room in time to catch her.

"Please, Cara, understand" I whisper. She stares into my eyes seeming like she's longing to love me but can't process what she saw.

"How? How can were-foxes or whatever you are be real?" She whispers. I take her face between my hands and kiss her.

"I'm sorry and I-I don't know. Apparantly my whole family tree is made of shapeshifters"

"Are you still you?" She chokes. I look shocked and stare at her wide eyed kissing every part of her face.

"Oh god, Cara. Of course I am" I whisper in pain.

"I'm so so sorry" she whispers, beginning to cry. "I'm just so... confused and in shock. I still love you, of course I do. Can you still love me?" The question is shocking but she kisses me full on the lips. I pull her lips back to mine the moment they're gone and begin to make out with her in a flurry of passion.

Strangely she doesn't hesitate at all in kissing me back and I feel her hand slip down to my crotch where she undoes my fly. She moans as her hand can't reach my private area. I lift her up by her waist and lie her down on the bed, kissing her again. Cara sighs and then whispers, "Thanks". She pulls my boxers down begining to caress me and I can't help but moan. I kiss her pulling her own trousers and pants off and unclipping her bra tugging it off.

She keeps hesitates and I spread her legs positioning myself. "Are you sure your ready?"

"I'm ready but I don't know if decieving my parents is right" She whispers gripping my arms. I frown.

"Do you really want to do this?" I ask.

"I really do love you, I'm just anxious"

"I am to" I tell her honestly. I lean in and kiss her before pushing myself into her entering her. I moan as I do. I can't believe this is happening I can't believe both me and Cara are doing this. Sharing our first time together. She winces occasionally but I soothe her with kisses. When I finish I collapse next to her gasping for breath.

"Wow" Cara whispers.

"Wow?" I question, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry" She mutters. "I would be speechless but I had to express how amazing it was" I find myself smiling and lean into kiss her.

"I think we need to clean up" I mutter looking at the bed sheets. "Your parents will kill me otherwise"

I watch her blush. "Yes"

I chuckle and get up. "Up and dress, madam" I say cheekily pulling on my clothes. She gazes up at me longingly and I can't help but feel desire stir within me again.

"But this is so sad - I hate seeing you cover yourself up" She whisper. I chuckle and throw her her clothes.

"Yes, but your parents can't find out and this" I point at the mess on the bed. "Needs hiding and cleaning" I watch with desire as she puts her clothes on.

"I don't know what to do. They'll notice if my sheets are changed" She says with a sigh.

"Spilt something?" I ask with a shrug.

"Good idea but won't they notice if we put it in the wash?" She says.

"If we put it on they won't it'll come off" I say with a smile. She nodded.

"Good plan"

"That is unless we plan on doing it again while I'm still here" I say with a smile. I mean not that I don't want to. I'd be so up for it again but I'm saying this for a tease.

The End

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