My feet felt heavy and my mind felt blank. My parents had told me everything. They said our family were shifters that they themselves were. They even showed me. They ran with a pack which I had to meet tonight. I had listen to all this with disbelief but I knew it was true.

A part of me knew all this before they told me. I had listened to my parents argue after that there was only one point that caught my attention. 'He'll have to break up with Cara'.

I had screamed at them then. I told them that would never happen that it was crazy. Then they'd argued back that the moment I joined the pack I would be become alpha taking my fathers place and the next alpha-female, a girl I didn't know, would take my mothers and become my mate.

Mate..... it sound so impersonal. It only existed to keep the higher breed going. I couldn't let this happen.

"Denias!" Someone sang then arms wrapped around my back as a familiar weight jumped onto my back. "Happy birthday" Cara whispered in my ear. She jumped round and I turned to face her. We shared a kiss of which I felt myself grip onto with a desperate passion.

The End

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