A Beautiful NightMature

I was the luckiest girl in the world. I honestly believed that. There was no one like Denias in the universe. He was more handsome than any other guy, had the best personality of any guy I'd ever met and was the most amazing lover a girl could ask for.

As we kissed the night before his birthday, I felt like I was melting but I also felt like I was performing some exciting, thrilling dance. Every caress was sensational, every pound of my heart was immensely gratifying and every tingle along my spine was chilling and satisfying.

It was almost physically painful as we stopped and I hated the fact he had to go home. I wished he could stay the night. Even if we couldn't do anything because of the ring on my finger, it was still so pleasurable to have him around.

I looked forward to the next day. Denias would adore his birthday present.

The End

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