Must be a DreamMature


I kissed her sweetly allowing myself to savour her soft lips pressed to mine. I allowed my mind to think about the way her shirt had slowly raised up to reveal the smooth, soft skin of her stomach. I even thought about the way my jeans became slightly tight around the hips. I pulled back and almost felt like blushing. “Are you sure your parents aren't home?” I ask. “I don't want to be caught again”

Cara sighs and rolls her eyes. “Yes, I'm sure. Come on, Denias, don't you trust me?” She begins to kiss me again and I force myself to pull back. I take her right hand in mine pull it up to look at her fourth finger where the purity ring sits.

“I hate this thing” I mumble letting my thumb run across it. Cara chuckles kissing me passionately before pulling back to smile.

“I know you do” She whispers. “But its still not coming off”

I sigh and roll her over so I have to support myself over her. “Well, lets make use with what we can do” I whisper huskily. Cara smiles with a devilish glint when I lean into kiss her. I love these moments when I watch her unwind. Change from her sensible, calm self into this passionate, lovely, enjoyable creature. It then I hear the front door slam shut. I jump looking at Cara with frightened eyes.

“Homework” she hisses. We rolls from the bed and luckily arrange ourselves sitting on the floor homework in front of us. Cara's father peeks in.

“Ah, Denias. Nice to see you” He says with a glare. Lier, my mind hisses. “Well, Cara, have you ate and will Denias be staying?”

“No, we haven't ate yet and it would be nice if he could” Cara says calmly.

“Okay, no later than eight” he says directing the final part at me.

“Of course, sir” I say. A few moments after the door shuts we burst into fits of giggles.


Later that night I can't sleep. Not cause of my usual thoughts of Cara but because of a heat coursing through my veins. Suddenly, my father and mother are in the room perching next to my bed. “Just breath, son” My father says almost like its just a test.

“What if he doesn't make it?” My mother whispers seeming frightened.

“He's an alpha, May. He will” My father says seeming furious. Then my view from my bed. I'm now across the room and staring.... through eyes of a fox. Then my body ripples and I drop to the floor naked.

“What-what just happened?” I croak

“You are now a alpha shifter” My mother whispers.

I stare at my parents with complete shock and fear.

The End

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