A Shifting HeartMature

Denias and Cara were in love. Denias even dreamed of marrying Cara. Then one night, the first full moon after his 17th birthday, everything changes.
Dreams are ripped to shreads in a battle for Denias to remain apart from his pack.

I thought my life was perfect. Cara was the girl of my dreams. She made my heart race simply by looking across my skin with her eyes. Her kiss was like the elixir of pure soul. I thought I'd be able to stay with her forever. Marry her and have many wonderful kids all inheriting her beauty.

I didn't know things would change overnight on the first full moon after my 17th birthday. I didn't think that my father passing his fascination of animals on to me meant something. I thought the fear in my mothers eyes was the danger my father put me through everyday in the forest.

When I learnt that this meant something I was as cold as an ice sculpture. My heart almost shattered at the thought of my life being morphed into something new. Fire burned at my skin as my dreams were ripped from my grips.

Losing Cara...... is something I cannot even comprehend.

The End

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