On EarthMature

Megan stops for a second to talk to a guy named switch, who asks about me a few times but she doesn't answer I can see he looks slightly sorry for me. For what reason I don't know why.  We head into this room , and Megan orders something on her wrist and then grabs me and we both  appear back on earth around where my car had been crashed. 

"I grabbed these for you." She says plainly handing me two pistol like weapons,  a handle thing like device with a button, and a holster you where under a jacket. I put it all on then ask, " Why are you giving me weapons? And what is this?" I say pointing at the handle thing with a button. She sighs. 

"Well, those drones that we're trying to kill us yesterday aren't going to forget about you, and the last thing we need is them having control over the technologies your race left behind. Also your may be conscripted into timesafe."

" What if I don't want to?" I ask getting a little angry I was being forced into this mess that I hardly understant.

"You will be treated as a criminal , and if you don't like either option Shard I would stop here!" Megan responded," Now everyone you know and care about is in trouble and we only have 30 hours before those drones make a massive attack destroying everything, and ultimatly killing everything. You following me Shard?"

"Ya but what are we supposed to do, and isn't there supposed to be more agents ot soldiers if this is the predicament?" I ask.

"Time safe is tied up and only has a certain limit of people who can travel to the same time to avoid poking holes through space and time, and unfortunetly eveyone is busy in another time or planet. What are we going to do is find these drones mothership, and destroy it."

"Anything else I should know?"

"This is only the begining of how wrong your timeline is going to be messed up." Megan said cocking the futristic gun.

" Lets go find us some drones."

The End

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