My eyes open and close quickly, I could feel my body slowly waking up, everything felt so damm soar, I just wanted to go to sleep again.

"Get up, Hello. Get up there is no point in pretending that your sleeping dumbass!" It was that girls voice from the logging road. Wait i'm still alive , and she is still here,  my body shoots up in to full alertness.  I open my eyes and find myself nearly blinded.

"Ow get that light out of my eye please!" 

"Just a minute checking if those drones got you with any biological weapons." I hear her voice to the right of me.

" Yeah what where those, and who exactly are you. You also have seemed to come out of nowhere."

" Shh be quite. I will get in trouble for being detected."

" Well you kinda did more than that."

" I would shut up now if you want to live." She said with a dangerouse tone that I wouldn't want to mess with.

"Okay." I said unsure if she was lieing or not but from what I've had seen of her she could.

" There you go, no problems you're fine."  She said, the light shut off and I my eyes took a while to adjust to the much dimmer light. I was laying on a sort of surgical chair in a room withgrey panels and strange looking tools and machines.

"Where am I?" I asked

"Well your not going to believe m but you are 3000 years in your future."  She said, she was right I didn't believe her.

" Bull..." she opens a window and I saw earth except it was cloudless and all the continents where covered in silver and had drifted from the posistion they used to be in," Why?" 

"Well your body had taken quite a beating the only reason why you where standing was adrenaline, and shock. Plus being what you are other factors where keeping you up."

" What I'am what the hell do you mean I'm human."

" Not what scans show." She says sounding quite smug.

" Okay then tell me, what am I." I said sarcastically.

"Lourdus lacian."

" Oh that explains everyting."

"Well it has alot about our current problem, but to make things simple, time has gone to hell in a hand basket, and things that aren't suppose to happen are happening. You never existed in the original time. Actually let me rephrase you existed long before primates evolved into homa sapeins, you also lived in a different part of the galaxy. Well as far as we know, but at any rate you are a homonoid from the past, an ancient." 

My mind went blank I had no idea what to think it was all pretty hard to take in , it didn't make sense either like wouldn't I look different.

" I look like a human, what makes me different?" I try to argue.

" Well we tracked down your species fossils to one main planet which was once similar to the earth until is sun died. So you evolved in a similar matter except you left behind a technological legacy, and the fact your bones , and organs are well protected sugesting that your  species was one of predatorial manner." She explained. I luaghed," What?"

" I can't argue with you. You know to much." I continue to luagh.

" I don't find it amusing." she says. After I stop laughing i ask.

" So are you a kind of time traveller, and are you human?" Then she laughed.

" Not as much as of time traveller as time keeper. As for being Human there isn't many pure humans left I for one a mix of human, what you would call an alien species that call themselves Tralian , and some robot parts here and there." She points at her knee and left arm.

" Would it be rude if I asked how you lost them."

" A bit. Lets just say there is a part of my life i'm not proud of. Whats your name?"  She forcefully changes the subject.

"Shard, and yours?"

"Its an anceint one, my name is Megan." She says embarassed.

"Is it..."  The door opens and a short looking man in a floating chair.

" Isilknoargblarggo."  The he left, I turn to see Megan holding her hand over her should like a salute only at the shoulder.

" What did he say?" I ask confused.

" Time to stop chatting we've got to go back now."

"To my time?"


"Why, whats happening?" I ask, seeing a look of worry and her face.

The End

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