A Shard of timeMature

Major events can be stopped or made by the removal addition of someone or something in a certain time period, with the inventions of time machines in 5026 both hero, and villians have been spawned. With the secret establishment of time safe all time machines or devices have been confinscated but now all over the universe time is unraveling and now time is unraveled, time safe struggles to keep everything in order. Meanwhile in the summer of 2010 time seems pull itself together on planet earth th

If the angle of A is 120 and two sides of the triangle is 70 meters long what is side a's length? The question read, its a trig question and to find the anwsere I have to use cosine law, and thank god its the last question in school I'll have to answere for two months.  I typed in the proper formula and the side a's length equals 121.24 meters. I left my seat ,handed my exam to the supervisor, and left quitely. Well until I got outside, I jumped and shouted  in happieness then left for the student parking lot. I was free and could do what I want with my time, and right now I felt like heading down to forelorn beach. Its so nice there since the beach is mostly granite rock, tall cedar trees,and the most beautiful view of islands and mountains off the beach. 

I started up my beaten up volkswagon jetta that was nicknamed wolfie for the wolfsberg edition painted on its side.  Once the engine started a plume of dark smoke filled the student parking lot, I sighed, this car for me was a love hate relationship. My phone rang, I picked it up.

" Hello."

" Shard, do you have any plans tonight?" It was my adoptive mother who for some strange reason thought I had friends.

"No mom, I don't I'm heading to forlorne, I'll be home before six. Ok?"

"Okay Shard, just keep me posted if something comes up, ok?"

"Ok, talk to you later." I hung up then drove out , the engine finally stopped choking  the air around the school. I cranked the music, today felt like the best day I as free to do anything,and I will do anyhting I felt like. When I reached the old logging road to get to Forlorne I also floored the accelerator. Driving aggresively and fast as I pulled around a tight corner by putting the parking break on then turning right sliding around with the pedal still floored, I took the parking break off,and I zoomed off to the next corner.  Suddenly I find my car is launched into the air. Adrenaline hit my system as fear guided my actions, time slowed and I saw my car was heading for the forest I saw only one choice, I unbuckled and hurled myself out door.

I flew through the air for another couple seconds till I was thrown into a tree and fell to the ground in a ragdoll fashion. My body screamed with pain, I heard metal getting twisted and crushed. I screamed in pain until my body went into shock, it was still hard to move but I could got up, and headed for my completely trashed car. The engine had  been smashed, since the front of the car ran full force into the tree.With my half fried, and shocked brain, I just left the car and headed for the highway. On my way back up something shimmered in front of me, at first I thought it was my eyes were just blurry, but when I rubbed them nothing happened, the shimmer became a figure of a person, then into a girl about my age wearing a dark trench like coat, and shoulder armour. On her back I saw a huge sword on her back and she whipped out a small pistol like gun except it had two barrels and look futristic.I thought I had went nuts. She looked at me, and stared blankly, I stood astonished not sure wether I was dreaming or not.

"Hi." I say taking this is got to be a dream route. She ignored me and walked by me looking around the area," Hey I said hi!Its a bit rude of you to ignore me." I said , and she continued to ignore me.  I followed after her and stood rate beside her, my body still hurt like hell.

"So what is the deal here , you appear out of nowhe..." The ground shakes and behind an explosion goes off and we're both launched into the air, I hit the ground hard but roll up into a standing posistion.

"Run you idiot!" The girl yelled at me. Finally an she talks to me! I thought forgetting about the explosion.  I hear a strange sound and suddenly the ground beside me is burned and shiny.

"Move!" She yells and tackles me over as two red bolts hit ground, I get up and she drags me by the collar,"What is wrong with you?Are some you deficent?"

"No I'm completely average." I say.

"Right an average deficent." She says. Bang! Another explosion goes off she stops and lets go and I slam back down onto the ground,"Run!" She orders as more explosions go off.  I get up as more an explosion sends rocks , and debris into the air. I start to run as the girl begins taking shots, I look a little more carefully and see flying round balls with two barrels protoding from the top and bottom. Fear once again grips me, and I run realizing this is not a dream. More explosions go of,f and bolts graze my light blue jacket, the jacket catches fire. I struggle taking it off and while trying to keep going, until an explosion goes off behind me. My ears ring, my sight darkens as my body impacts the ground again, I grimace, and wish I was unconciouse. I wasn't which meant I still had to get up. My ears still ringing my sight barely returned.I stand up where I take a bolt through the shoulder my body drops, but I catch myself on my knee. A drone flys down and stops at my face it had four red dots on it which could possibly be its eyes.

"Analyzing!" I harsh voice emanates from it . A center piece slides open and a blue light envelopes me, I was rendered immobile. A few seconds later it finishes, "Lourdus lacian." It conclude," New primary target!" it screams, and fool would know that I had just became the new target dummy. I ran, as the heat was removed from the girl.  Explosions and those red bolts flew by. 

" Catch." She yells throwing down the oversized sword. I grab the hilt, it felt incredibly light in my hands.I continue running.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with this!" I yell.

" Turn around and slice upwards!" She orders from up above. 

"No I gonna get killed that way!" Boom a huge shockwave sends me ten feet in the air, and 20 feet forwards, and amazingly I land on my feet but the explosions getting thrown around caught up I could feel my grip on conciousness leaving.

"Do it now!" She orders.  I was to tired to run now, I guess I'll give the girls advice a try.  I turn around and slice up catching a bolt and as I did so the energy amplified and shot back at my enemy. The bolt crashed into a drone and it exploded killing three others. I looked down at the sword, then glanced back up. It all came together that moment what I needed to do it was like instinct. I ran forwards  and jumped and sliced down cutting a drone in half, I brough the flat part side of the sword as I deflected more off of me. My arms moved so fast and it was like someone else was controlling them as everysingle drone failed to kill me. After I had killed everysingle drone, I collapsed. On the ground as the world faded. I heard my self saying.

"What was that all about?"


The End

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