A Shady Memories

A real story about a ordinary girl was waiting her love, maybe her true love..

"Still I keep memories of it even just a name, its own ..
Not with anybody. "

I get out of bed my parents saying, I can love you forever if you will be the right for me. It is a word that is often spoken when I was little getting desperate love someone who is up to this point he did not make a significant contribution, namely a sincere love ..

I'm human, hard soil of sin and wrong, but that does not mean I have to be a suspect in the increasingly complex problems of life, far in advance if you already have love. I'm still floating, not sinking and upwards. Still waiting for the uncertainty, sometimes I think if maybe God has His plan is best, therefore, until now I just sit back and surrender to Him. My chest tightened, when he heard his name. No longer like it used to, he began to care about the heart, even a little. I'm still confused as to why I have not been able to remove the name, the color of his face, his shadeness, silence, from the heart and mind. It is one and a half years. What is long enough?

I'm still puzzled, pigeon flying like a bird sacred, lay green, the sky poured bluish. I'm still in the healing process. This wound is rare. Few people can or want to cure it.
Suddenly my eyes fell on a dime novel writing style a little catch reads 'Time can heal every Wounds'

I did not shed tears, because there are some parts that I do not understand. Here I am alone makes the story, can you help equip? Decorate your favorite bit of the color of love, absurd writing style yourself, and be convinced. I'll stick it into fully mind and my heart, and will not be replaced by anyone!

In memory of shade and joked, I was always comfortable and quiet. Today my body was crushed, my stomach felt sick. I started fragile, somehow. Not just because of waiting. 11 and a half hours a night I'm writing this. The middle of the night with me in the dark and trying to give a light of the month. I still looked lethargic, quiet, and a top secret in the privacy of my own life. Sometimes I senewengan often own only because cosine love untold. Not infrequently I released with tears free, hearty laugh, and stomach, falling-up by a magical thing called love.

Ouch, it's not as bad as I thought, but yes it was so real. Love is like a puzzle, if you guessed friend, surely will find true love. Once the principle of a living . I tried out to open a new chapter of a higher quality, but not yet. What should I do? Should I give up? I commend to you hey, only you know the answer.

'That's why I always think about you, connect yours and mine to be the one. I do not have any means that you gotta love me. I'm just in a labile condition where it makes me to be obligated the rules of our live. Do not you feel? I can not explain these one by one like your truly love. I just wanna be with your sincere love, no one. If you're right there, me too. No hopes of me, I'm just waiting for you. But I do not know when it will be end. Just keep your attention, if you do not understand or you will not do those at all. That's the best. You decide well. I'll go further and continue what I have had before. "

The End

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