A Shadow's Tale

A part demon's life is ruled by prophecy. The more important the parent demon, the more the prophecy impacts their life. They thought that, with the extinction of Half Demons, one prophecy would never happen. I have news for you. They were wrong. My name's Shadow Roth, Part Demon. And this is my story.

Stones scattered under my feet as I scrambled up the mountain.  They were getting closer now, closer than ever.  Their mount's hooves clattered on the rocky surface as they leapt after me.  My skirt tangled around my legs, slowing me down.  Gritting my teeth, I tore the material with my claws, tossing it to the side, running in the leggings I wore underneath.  My breath came in ragged pants, no matter how much magic I used to aid my race, and no matter how fast I ran, the City Guards were gaining on me.  I took a sharp turn, hoping to throw them off.  No such luck. 


I broke out of the forest onto the summit of the mountain itself, skidding to a halt on the edge of the cliff, looking down.  The edge of the dimension.  The only thing down there was the void.  An expanse of nothing that claimed the souls of the dead, isolating them for eternity.  Arellan was down there somewhere.  I could only hope that Karthragan was there as well.  Glancing back over my shoulder, I could see the City Guard getting closer, their mounts slowing a little to negotiate the tricky terrain, stopping just on the edge of the trees.

"Halt there, Shadow!  You are under arrest!" Called out one of the guards.

"Not in your life," I muttered, taking another step towards the edge of the cliff.  They wouldn't come this far out to get me, no matter how much High Priestess Arias wanted me caught.  The fragile ground beneath my feet began to crumble a little.  I narrowed my eyes at the guards.  Would they attempt to catch me if I decided to jump?  If I let them catch me, what would my future hold?  Either way, I lost.  Either I died, or I died.  Well, screw that!  Closing my eyes, I took another step back, a step into nothingness, and started falling.




I wasn't always called Shadow.  I was born as Alexai Roth,Angel Blood, in the language of my home.  And my home is Synairn, another dimension to this one.  I remember everything from a few hours after my birth to the present day.

The End

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