A Shadow's Tale

In today's world, faires are the belefs of children. But in shadow's world they exist as much as you do dear reader. She finds them unexpectedly and is like you and believed fairies do not exist. Then she turns out to be one of them.

My Darling Daughter,

Today you were born. Your father, Lutho, and I were thrilled. We sucessfully kept you a secret through out my pregnancy. We wanted to keep you safe. We are in war and I went into hiding.If others knew you existed in my womb i would have been found and killed. I was fine until the birth. It was difficult and we were discovered right after you entered this world. The people who found us were not kind people and attacked us. Lutho tried to protect us but he was struck down and killed. We were lucky to escape with our lives. But I now know it is too dangerous for you to be raised in the middle of this war. I hope you can forgive me when I have to send you away. You will have to get a new mother and start anew. I have to send you to the world of the humans. Please forgive me.

Your mother,


The End

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