I've always been on the sidelines. I've never had attention, I never did anything rash, I just sat down quietly and got by. Average student, average looks, average everything.

At least, I was.

Now I don't know what I'm doing. 

I coughed as Jimmy blew out a few clouds of smoke. Jade smacked him in the arm. "Stop it. She doesn't like the smoke, asshole"

"Chill, I didn't know!" With one last pull, he doused it.

Jade's house had seen so many cigarettes that it permanently would be stained by the scent. It set me on edge, making me jittery. The whole house did.

It's strange with its chipping paint, warped floor and cracked walls. It looked like someone could crawl through them, any second. 

"Calm, ghost girl, calm," Jade smiled as she kicked back in her chair. We were hanging out in her room, oddly, an array of colors and posters. Jimmy laid back on her bright quilts, looking on with his green hair. "You're acting like we're going to eat you."

Jimmy sat up, his brows creasing. "Hey, your real name isn't ghost girl, is it?"

I shook my head, biting my lip instead of answering. I was too busy berating myself. Are you really that bored with your life to just gallivant off with the next stranger? Is that what you think you are? You don't belong here with these eccentric people.

"Nah, she's Kim."

"Kim?" Jimmy slowly said my name, like it was a strange flavor that he wasn't sure he liked.

"What? What's wrong with it?"

He laughed and shrugged sheepishly. "I don't know. Doesn't suit you."

"Jimmy doesn't exactly scream green haired gay guy," Jade pointed out. "And I don't think Jade suits me at all."

"We could all get new names," he said wisely as he stroked his soft jaw with thought. "I could be Batman."

"Already taken."

"Damn. I could be Spiderman."

"Still taken."

"Well, I guess I have to settle for Jimmy."

Pulling and tugging at my hoodie, I eyed the room like something might jump out and maul me. Logically, I knew this was unlikely. And yet. . . 

"Got any food?" Jimmy asked Jade. Jade shrugged and murmured for him to go fend for himself for the kitchen. 

After he left, Jade jumped on me like a mad woman, grinning with a crazy look in her eyes. "Come on, sit in the chair. I got a great idea."

"What do you want to do?" I asked with fear. This is it. This is how I die. I led myself into a trap of cannibals.

"Something so stereotypically girly I might kill myself."

Twenty minutes later, I had makeup on. Another twenty minutes later, a haircut. I haven't had one of those in at least five years.

A pile of my blondish brownish locks lay on her wooden floor like dead soldiers. I didn't really care. I was just glad she didn't eat me.

"Okay, look."

A strange girl looked at me in the mirror.

Her eyes stood out with a ring of eyeliner and mascara. Her blemishes were gone, hidden with concealer. Popping red lipstick molded onto her now pouty lips that she slowly parted in amazement to say, "wow."

Jade, looking smug, put her hands on her hips as Jimmy waltzed in with a faceful of sandwich and armfuls of snacks. His jaw dropped as he looked at the new girl in the mirror.

"Damn. Jade, you're like magic. But she needs a little blush."

Jade chucked the mascara at him, but he ducked. I couldn't take my eyes off the girl.

She's unrecognizable. She's actually a little pretty. She looks like a girl who didn't have depressing thoughts, she doesn't hide in the bathroom and she most certainly does not have a horrible crack in her wall that is her deepest, darkest secret.

This girl isn't me.

She's better.

The End

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