We wandered for a little bit.

At some of the little things she said, I kind of wanted to cry.  It was just little things, off the side things, they meant nothing, but yet they somehow made me feel something.

So I started silently singing the ABC's.  Can't cry, can't cry, can't cry.

"Hey, are you okay?"  Jade broke off, stopping completely, in conversation and stride.

"Uh-uh. . ."

"Come on.  Let's have some fun."  Grabbing my arm, she propelled me to a store.

Smiling like a demon, she threw clothes at me, tossing me into a dressing room, suffocating me with multiple shirts.

In the end, I had four new outfits.

And despite her look, she didn't make them black.

I had a soft blue hoodie.  It was nice.  This she handed me, with a wise look.  

I didn't even pay for it.  When we started checking out, she pulled out a card.

This random girl, bought me clothes.  

"It's nice to have a friend," she sighed, happy.

"It is," I agreed, bewildered.

The End

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