Fountain of TruthMature

"So, what's your name again?"  I felt a little hurt that she didn't remember, but this was her first day around.

"Kim.  You never told me yours."  We were hanging by the fountain, facing each other.

"Jade."  Jade dipped her fingers in the water, fluttering them making little splashes.  "Do you like it here?"

No one ever asked me that question before.  I was taken aback, and stuttered my answer.  "No-no.  No.  I hate it."  We took a heavy drink of our leftover soda.  

"Yeah.  I thought that when we moved.  But things are looking up."  I turned to her, surprised, but she was throwing a penny in the water.  

She couldn't mean me, could she?

"What side do you live on?  Is it a wealthy side?  Or a boring one, or a trashy side?"

"I guess wealthy.  But to me it's just horrific."  For a brief second, I gripped my left upper thigh, where a knife scar sat.  

"How'd you land here?"  Some people stopped and stared at Jade.  Particularly toddlers.  She drew eyes, where I normally didn't.  Without all the makeup, I think she would plain looking.  But all in black, with the makeup, and hair dye, no one could look away.  "Yeah. I know.  Little ones look at me like I'm a kalidoscope, changing colors.  'Eyes of the innocent, look to me and see Satan.' "  At my question mark, she shrugged.  "It's what the priest at the church I used to go to said to me."

"If it helps, 'god' hasn't been to good o me either," I told her honestly.  Sticking my hands in my hoodie, i leaned back on the bench.  "My parents rented the house since I was a baby.  But when my mom became a very important doctor, we bought it."

"How old were you when they bought it?"  Curiously, her fingers stroked the water like a cat.  

"I don't know . . . Ten?  Eleven?"  Biting my lip, I held back what I wanted to say.

"My step dad's in the military.  We go all over the place.  I can't complain, because I can go live with my dad . . . "

"I don't know," she sighed.

"Nobody knows," I echoed.  

The End

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