Fire and FriesMature

We ran from the school, I lead her to the door I knew they wouldn't use for evacuating the building and cheered as the fire department's siren sang.

Everyone cuts school. I can't believe I haven't thought of this yet. 

"It's okay, you just needed a little push," she whispered as we had our backs pressed against the wall as the fire truck ran by us.  Our hair was dripping, as were some of our clothes.  After it passed, we relaxed. 

"You wanna go to the mall?"  I nodded yes.

I've only been to the mall a few times, with my mom.  She wanted to have a daughte she could shop with, talk boys, someone to have a heart to heart with.

But, she has me.  Ever since she discovered that I wasn't going to humor her, she acts like I don't exist.

One day, she asked why I was even here, if I hated everyone, since that's how I act.

I'm here because I haven't decided if I'm going to run away or just kill myself.  It's a toss up, want to flip a coin?

I stayed quiet.  She left for work, leaving me at the table alone.  My mother lives in her own little world, she hears what she wants to hear, sees what she wants to see.

She never even asked me where all of the steak knives went.

Or the sharpener.

"Hey.  Earth to ghost girl," snapping her hands in front of my face, I blinked.  "Off in your own world, huh?"

Reminding me that, that was just what I thought of my mother, I tightened my fist.  "The bus is here."

  Sliding into a seat, I observed the people around me.  Two old women, holding hands.  A middleaged man who looked tired, a woman in a suit who looked late.

"What are we going to do in the mall?"

"Meet up with Jimmy, and, I don't know.  It depends, any cash on you?"  Yes, I do.  I've been caring my life savings with me since I was twelve, just in case I finally decide to runaway.


"Cool.  I skipped lunch.  I swear that it was moving.  Think we can pick up something to eat?"  Tiliting her head to look at me, I blinked.  I was lost in her multicolored hair, when she moved it looked like a kalidscope.

"Oh. Yeah, sure.  I skipped to."

"Yeah you look like you skipped eating altogether," her brows creased as she looked at me, to which I fidgeted.  Eyes on my skin have never appealed to me.  More so since the Incident.

"I know what o order you."

A few minutes later, I was eating a super duper cheese burger, large fries, and a chocolate milkshake. 

She ordered the same.  "I eat like a pig.  I'm a Taurus, so it's expected."  At my question mark, she explained.  "I got a book from Jimmy one year, it was the Zodiac thing.  I read up on mine and the blind spot for Taurus's is indulging themselves on foods.  What's your sign?"

"Virgo," I offered, eating a fry.  She nodded her head, like she now understood the world.  At me eating my fries plain, she shook her head.

"Okay, you either eat them with ketchup, cheese, or a milkshake.  And you, my dear ghost, have a milkshake."  Taking her fry and dipping it into her milkshake, she ate it, then waved for me to do so as well.

When it hit my tong, I actually groaned.  The girl across from me smiled.  "I love fries.  And chocolate."

The rest of our lunch, we laughed, and talked.  I felt like a wave of pain was off of my back. 

It was nice.


The End

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