A Shadow World

Beyond the veil of our reality, there are worlds that exist in a place we cannot see, which are unimaginable, incomprehensable, and very, very dark. In these worlds, the most horrifying creatures dwell, and a small group of good souls band together to brace for the endless night. One young creature, along with other allies he meets during his adventure through treacherous lands, will discover courage in himself that he never knew he had, and a power that will change everything, forever.

The strange black sea continuously pulled its waters in and out, licking the shore like some sinious monster questing for unlucky passerby to catch and devour. In the sky, no sun or moon was there to bring comfort to the inhabitants of this world, nor were there any visible stars to guide them on a journey across dangerous lands.
Although the sea continued to ripple its inky waters across the darkling sand, a cold chill worse than what any in our world had ever felt before hung persistently in the air, and gentle flakes of snow with an unearthly sparkling quality fluttered from the moonless, starless heavens. The sound of the sea was not loud, some would even have to strain their ears to hear it, but it made a thick sloshing noise, which managed to cover up the desperate, shrill keening of a creature in peril.
A small figure darted across the soft beach, his feet bare and rodent-like tail flowing behind him as he ran. He was the source of the piteous noises that could not be heard over the sound of the dark sea.
Shimmering sapphire eyes graced the five foot tall rat-like beast, as well as thick, wiry brownish fur, quick nimble legs, and large, sensitive ears that could pick up the sound of pursuing assailants from behind him.
The terrible animal grunting of things with a horrific need was what motivated the rat-like creature to flee on in the forbidding blackness, but his eyes were well-equipped to see his surroundings in odd but exquisite detail and solidness. he was alone, far away from his own kind, and very, very afraid.
Since this world was always night, no time was the right time to be away from home, but the creature had been driven by a powerful force to leave his territory, and go on a search that would lead him face to face with the most terrifying enemy his world had ever known.
The creature had been running ceaselessly for miles, but he was still going, only slightly winded. His species had been built for travelling great distances and for running from the many predators that lurk in the darkest corners, of the darkest place. The creature could continue running at this fast pace for a while, but the more he did, the more his energy reserves would run out, and the slower he would become, therefore giving an enormous advantage to the ones that pursued him. He had to seek shelter, a way to escape, but this vast beach was not populated by anyone who would help, and even if the creature did ask for it, the most likely ending for him would be in the belly of a satisfied monstrosity.
His whimpering excited the following predators, causing them to snarl eagerly, to run faster than they would normally move. The creature had put a rather great distance between them and himself, but not for long, because they were rapidly catching up as he slowed down.
Off in the distance, his keen eyes glimpsed towering mountains, in which small colonies lived together on their peaks, to cope with the subtle madness that encircled this world. This was the creature’s true home, and his kind was called the Volions. They lived together in small nomadic groups, rarely staying in one place for more than a few weeks, which, in this place, seemed much longer than the weeks of our world. The Volions were constantly hunted by fierce monstrous things that dwelled on nearly every corner of the lands, and with the aid of never-ending blackness, they thrived.
So now, the crying Volion was losing strength, his joints were beginning to cramp and burn. The cold air was now suffocating, almost unbearable, and if he didn’t reach a sanctuary soon, his pursuers would catch him, and that would be the end of everything he had been trying to do.
The Volion possessed a pair of strong membranous wings, but he did not yet know how to fly. He was young, still being taught how to take to the skies, no matter how unpromising they were, and without the advantage of flight, if he wasn’t always alert; his time on this world would be short.
So he kept running, running, trying to get away, to find a place to be safe, but so far, no luck. His clawed hands waved at his sides as he sprinted, raking the air, and his wings waved and flapped repeatedly in a desperate effort to fly. The snow hadn’t yet melted on the ground, but the sand was no easier to tread on. At times he slipped and almost fell, but kept his balance and kept on running again, only to find that the chasers had drawn even closer. Though young, afraid, he tried to keep a hope in his heart that he would be okay, for he was an intelligent being, intelligent enough to ponder the mysteries of the universe, which in this case, were far more enigmatic than the ones of our own.
Panting in wheezy gasps, he dared not look back and see the fearsome foes behind him, because he knew what he would see. Lumbering, bony, multiple-legged things with shining violet eyes on many areas of their bodies. Some were translucent, and their inner organs, utterly alien and unrecognizable, could be seen below the surface of their skin. Jagged rows of teeth lined their long, strangely shaped muzzles, teeth that were long, needlelike, dripping saliva that put off a faint glow. They were hideous, and the Volion wished not to take in their appearance, because he was already horrified at the fact that he was their quarry, and might be their food if he did not hurry and get out of their sight.

The End

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