A Series of FirstsMature

Ryan is stupid in love with his girlfriend. And she loved him just as much. He's her first boyfriend and has, thus, been a part of many firsts for her. But tonight is a very special, very intimate first for them, and wants to make sure it's perfect. He keeps remembering many other firsts they've shared as the night progresses, only reminding him hoe deeply he loves her.

I know this is a silly, mushy mess >.<" Sorry.

Ryan lit the last of the candles that were illuminating his bedroom. A very subtle, sweet smell from the melting wax filled the air, blending with, and almost covering the fading scent of the red and white rose petals scattered around his room.

He put down the match he held between his fingertips and took a step back to take a look at his handy work, making sure nothing was out of place. Everything had to be perfect for tonight. Everything.

And, given how clean and simple the style of his bedroom was, the romantic candles and roses look something like a photo in a magazine. This pleased him because he knew it would please the woman he loved.

He sighed, satisfied, grinning just slightly.

Rachel, Ryan’s girlfriend of two years, would be arriving any moment, and that made him nearly wild with anticipation.

Ryan walked over to the bathroom to make sure he looked okay. He fixed his hair, re-applied his deodorant, and sprayed himself once more with cologne. He had specifically chosen to wear the one Rachel liked best that night.

He placed the bottle back in its place on the countertop and then took a good at himself in the mirror. Looking into his own hazely brown eyes, he took a deep, slightly nervous breath. Inside of him was a raging battle among his nerves, lust, excitement, and the ability to keep himself composed and under control.

He startled when he heard the doorbell ring. This is it, he thought to himself as he took one last look in the mirror, and took one last steadying breath.

Ryan walked over to the front door and pulled it open to see Rachel’s sweet face, a soft smile claiming her lips as she saw him. He smiled lovingly at her as he opened the door wider and moved aside, watching her step through the door.

“Hey, beautiful,” Ryan said quietly in a very sweet tone, smiling fondly at her. “Hey,” she blushed and smiled in return.

Ryan could tell she was just as nervous, likely more so, then he was about tonight. Normally, their relationship was very comfortable; they were friendly, loving, and playful with each other, never really having to think about what they did or said around each other. But tonight, the atmosphere felt a bit awkward, filled with anticipation. 

She placed her overnight bag on the ground, where she always left it, and slid off her jacket. Ryan walked over to retrieve it so he could drape it over the back of the armchair in the living room. He would bring her bag up to his room later, when they went up there. That was usually how it went. No, it was certainly not the first time Rachel had spent the night at Rachel’s. But all of their previous sleepovers were relatively innocent. They mostly just slept when in bed together. Well, mostly. But tonight’s sleepover would be different.

As he took the jacket from Rachel, he leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. The action sent him headlong into his memory of their first kiss.

The day he first kissed her was about a month after they had first met. But, the moment Ryan saw Rachel for the first time, walking down the street, something in him clicked. It was like his brain turned off and all he saw was her. He knew then that he needed to have her in his life. He remembered the day it was, too. December twelfth, two years ago. That was the he had first seen her .

She was just so unbelievably beautiful. She had wavy, messy, honey-colored hair that stretched down to just skim her behind. Her skin was the color of milk and her cheeks nearly always glowed with a slight rosy flush and a smattering of light freckles. Her green eyes were rounded almonds and behind them was… something. He could never tell exactly what, though. It was like looking into her eyes and seeing that there was so much more to her than what met the eye. That referring to it as "the tip of the ice burg" wouldn't even begin to do it justice. A mixture of mystery and sweetness, and maybe even sadness. It made her eyes nearly impossible to look away from.

She was quite small, standing only five feet from the ground. She was slender and toned, with curves that weren’t too big, nor too subtle.

In short, she was perfect. Well, to Ryan she was, at least.

Jack, the friend with whom Ryan had been walking that day, noticed his strange behavior. “Dude, what are you staring at?” he asked, letting his eyes scan the general area Ryan seemed to be looking at. Then he spotted her. “Ohhh,” he remarked teasingly, a sly grin on his face, “somebody’s been struck by cupid’s arrow,” Jack chuckled, obviously quite please with what he thought to be a witty remark.

Normally, Ryan would’ve been irritated by a remark such as that, given that he disagreed with the whole notion of “love at first sight,” thinking it was ridiculous and impossible, but he was so focused on figuring out how to talk to the girl he’d spotted that he didn’t even fully register what his friend had said.

When he saw that the girl didn’t notice when something dropped from her pocket, Ryan wasn’t about to let the opportunity to use it a rouse to talk to her slip by. He sprinted up to the girl through the unusually warm winter air and picked up the object that she had unknowingly dropped. It turned out to be a wallet that had fallen out of her jacket pocket.

“Excuse me,” he called to get her attention. She turned around looked at him, slightly confused. The instant her eyes met his, he felt like he had been struck by lightening. It took him a moment to compose his thoughts as he stared at her like a deer caught in headlights and stuttered. 

“Here. You dropped this,” Ryan had explained as kindly and smoothly as he possibly could.

“Oh, thank you,” she answered shyly, taking the wallet from Ryan’s hand. It wasn’t until then that he noticed that she was in a school uniform. He hadn’t realized his dream girl was still in high school. How would that work? He was twenty-two, and she probably wasn’t even eighteen.

Only, he didn’t care. He’d wait if he had to, as long as he needed to.

Later that night, Ryan recalled the name that was on her school uniform name-tag. Rachel Peters. He searched for her on Facebook and other various social media forums.

When he found her on Facebook, he was a bit hesitant to add her; he didn’t want to look like a creep. But he simply had to talk to her. 

And he doubted he’d ever see her again. So he added her as a friend.

When she’d accepted the request a few (excruciating) days later, he was so ecstatic that he’d almost actually jumped about his room for joy. But he realized how ridiculous that would make him look and checked the urge.

He waited another week or two, then sent her a message, trying to befriend her. It took a couple of weeks to get her to warm up to him, as she was very cautious and hesitant with this new, older boy. Not that he blamed her; she was seventeen and she was twenty-two and remembered her name from a name tag and then added her on Facebook after talking to her for all of fifteen seconds. If that.

She was even more hesitant to physically meet with him. But she eventually agreed to that, too. They didn’t go on dates, per say, but they met a couple of times. Twice at a local coffee shop, and one of those times they went for a little walk afterward. The two had also met at the ice rink Ryan played hockey at so they could skate together.

But their meetings were strictly friendly. Ryan had decided from the beginning that he wasn’t going push this. That last thing he wanted was to look like some kind of pervert trying to get with a seventeen-year-old. Especially one that had never had a boyfriend before and was inexperienced when it came to relationships.

But, in truth, he did have rather pure intentions; he felt himself falling more and more in love with her every time they talked. Every time they saw each other. It wasn’t about the prospect of easily obtained sex that attracted him to her; that wasn’t a possibility anyway. She was much too smart and guarded for that. But it was just… her. The mere thought of her made him grin like an idiot. If he could give her the world, he’d have done without a second thought.

On top of being drop dead gorgeous, she was sweet and caring, always wanting what was best for those around her. But she was also strong, brave, quick witted, and fiercely intelligent. There wasn’t much she couldn’t understand, nor was there much that could really rattle her. She certainly didn’t take much of people’s crap. She never was very open with her emotions, though, and he wished she'd open up to and trust him more easily.

Ryan chuckled, thinking about how stubborn and short-tempered she could be as he placed her jacket on the chair, still lost in his memories.

But after Ryan had taken Rachel skating, he decided he couldn’t handle being thought of as just a friend anymore. It was so hard not grab hold of her petit hand or wrap her in a tight hug or kiss her lips.

It was a few days after the day at the ice rink and Ryan was walking to a nearby coffee shop, thinking of cute ways he could confess his feelings and ask her to be his, when he turned a tight corner and crashed right into somebody.

That somebody just happened to be none other than his beloved Rachel Peters.

“Oh, my god, Rachel, I’m so sorry!” he said, picking himself up off the ground. He extended a hand to Hayoung to help her up.

“It’s okay, Ry. I should’ve been looking where I was going,” she bleach and laughed nervously.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Ryan asked.

“No! I’m really okay,” she assured him with an earnest smile.

“Good,” he laughed with her.

After a few minutes of small talk, there was an awkward silence and Ryan had no idea what to say. He never knew what to say to Rachel that wouldn’t make him seem super weird or lame.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again. We should go skating again soon. You’re a pretty good skater,” Ryan smiled at her, just a touch of flirtatiousness in his voice. “I’d really like that,” she grinned.

“Bye,” he stuttered awkwardly after a moment.

“Bye, Ryan,” she replied before turning and walking away.

Ryan walked a few steps more toward the Coffee Shop he was heading to before stopping, truing around, and running up to and getting directly in Rachel's path, effectively blocking her and preventing her from taking another step forward.

He didn’t know exactly what had come over him. Perhaps a sudden surge of derring-do. But now it was too late. It was either confess or look like a freak.

You idiot.

He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the right words. Actually he couldn’t find any words. Panic rose inside him as he realized how much of an asshat he must have looked like to her.

Without thinking, Ryan leaned into Rachel, cupping her face and pressing his lips to hers. It was a brief, short kiss, but still made him feel like he was on fire.

He pulled away to see Rachel’s very shocked, very wide-eyed expression.

“I-I… I’m sorry, I just really like you and I wasn’t going to say anything and then I was going to and then I couldn’t figure out what to say. I don’t know what came over me,” he explained in a rush.

Shit, shit, shit, what the hell is wrong with you? You idiot! Ryan thought to himself.

Then Rachel’s face morphed into mega-watt grin.

“Don’t be sorry; I’ve wanted you to do that for a while now,” she chewed her lip and looked down at her nervously fidgeting feet.

Ryan had never been more relieved in his entire life.

“Ry, I’m going to freshen up quickly,” her voice pulled him out of his memory.

“Sure. Use my bathroom. I’ll meet you in my room when you’re ready.” He smiled warmly at her, and she returned his smile before heading to the bathroom connected to Ryan’s bedroom. The other one was on the other side of the apartment, near the guest room.

He waited a few moments, watching his love disappear behind the bathroom door, then walked into his room and sat on the foot of his bed. He sighed, letting the trail of first-kiss type memories consume him once more.

This time, what played in his head was the memory of the two had made out. It was the first time they’d begun to get a bit more physical and touchy with each other.

It was about a couple weeks after Ryan and Rachel had started officially dating, and they were sitting in the floor of his small, city apartment. Rachel had come to his house after school. She was doing her homework and he was half-heartedly watching TV, more interested in stealing glances and the gorgeous girl on his floor with a notebook in her lap than the show he had on, while they conversed casually.

Not that Ryan was aware at the time, but Rachel was equally as focused, or rather unfocused, on doing her homework as was her boyfriend.

She suddenly stopped and put her books and writing utensils aside, and looked at Ryan with a thoughtful expression.

“Ryan…” she said, then trailed off, leaning closer to him.

Ryan didn’t say anything and held very still, allowing her to do what she wanted. He registered that she was going to kiss him, but, other than that, he wasn’t really sure what she was wanting to do.

But, regardless as to what that was, he was amused by the way she went about this little quest of hers. It was the investigative way in which she want about doing just about everything. It was like she was a curious child performing her own experiments.

He felt her lips meet his, but they didn’t pull away after a few moments like they normally did. This wasn’t going to be a short kiss, like all of the ones they’d shared before this point.

As she kissed him, she leaned in closer yet, pressing her lips more firmly against his. Instinctively, Ryan raised his hand, placing it palm-to-cheek against the side of her face to steady himself.

He did his best to keep his breathing even as he heard hers hitch. She’s nervous, the realization shouldn’t have shocked him as much as it did, but it did. With that in mind, he made sure to be gentle and not to take things to fast, as hard as that task could very easily grow to be.

He felt Rachel’s lips part just slightly, and followed suit, guiding her. Her breath caught a bit again as Ryan’s now opened mouth carefully kissed hers.

He let her get used to what they were doing before her gently (and rather cautiously) slipped his tongue into her mouth. She welcomed it and moved her body closer to her boyfriend’s, allowing the kiss to deepen.

Now that Rachel had gotten the hang of the whole tongues bit, Ryan loosened his controls a bit. 

He was making a concerted effort to hold back. The desire to take her right there on the floor poked at the back of his mind, threatening to undo him.

He leaned into her, pushing her back so she was reclining, pressed against the leather ottoman that was placed at the end of the matching arm chair, his body practically on top of hers. He was laying between her legs, careful not to rest all of his weight on her. 

Ryan felt the hand Rachel had placed on his shoulder tighten, as the other slipped up his torso to grasp the nape of his neck. Ryan suppressed a moan, which caused it to come out as a slightly strangled sigh as she continued to explore every centimeter of the untouched territory of Rachel’s mouth with his tongue.

His hand landed on Rachel’s one bent knee (the other leg was basically underneath him) and made its way gently up her thigh and over her stomach, causing her to shudder and her breathing to become heavier.

Cautiously, he moved his hand up another few inches to cup her full breast. He felt her tense for the briefest of moments, but she didn’t object to his intimate ministrations, and he found himself quelling yet another moan.

Rachel, however, was apparently unable to suppress the moan slipped from her mouth to his.

Oh, my god. 

He felt blood rushing to his manhood upon hearing her delectable moan. It was the first time he’d ever herd such a noise come from her, and, even in his imagination, it hadn’t sounded that wonderful.

It now took a considerably larger amount of mental power to will away the hard on that threatened to rear its swollen, ugly, leaking head.

Rachel pushed her chest forward into Ryan’s hand, obviously enjoying the messaging sensations. This shot a sense of male pride though him. 

She likes it.

He bent one of his fingers down on her breast to rub her clothed nipple as he trailed kissed along her jaw to her neck. She moaned again as he tightened her grip on him, but this time more breathily, like she was gasping at the same time.

He could’ve come at the sound of it.

The two continued like that for as long as Ryan could handle without his arousal reaching a state of no return. He messaged her tongue with his and sucked on her lips, breathing heavily and groaning quietly. Her breathing was like his and her occasional soft moans and mewls filled the air.

Finally, Ryan reached his breaking point and, not wanting to lose control and do something he’d regret to his beloved lady, he pulled away.

He looked down at Rachel’s face to find her nearly panting and looking quite dazed, looking like she wanted to ask him why he’d stopped.

“As much as I’d love to keep kissing you like that, I really need to cool down, or I’m going to have a pretty embarrassing problem on my hands,” he whispered huskily, breathing heavily and looking into her eyes.

She looked puzzled for a moment, so Ryan look down with his eyes, gesturing to his manhood. She got the hint immediately, he took it, since she made the “oh…” face.

He pulled her upright with him so she was leaning into him wrapped her arm around him. They sat watching TV and just talking and laughing until Rachel had to go home for dinner. Needless to say, she didn’t get as much homework done as she’d hoped she would.

He smiled at the fond memory.

Then a white figure caught his eye. He looked up and was greeted by the sight of a goddess in flowy, tasteful, white silk negligée. It was short, just long enough to cover her hips and bottom. It was tied shut in the front by a small bow. The top had no cups, so the silk of the triangular pieces of the top half conformed completely to her succulent, plump DD-cups, revealing the outline of her nipples.  Her breasts strained against the gossamer fabric, making the thin straps look as if they would snap at any second and her top half would burst out for his eyes to feast upon.

Her glossy locks were let down from the bun they were captured in when she arrived, creating a crown of sexy, messy curls and waves that trickled down the length of her back.

Ryan could’ve sworn he saw a glow coming off of her creamy white skin in the dim light, creating a halo-like effect.

His breath hitched in his throat as he looked her up and down and his eyes got wide as he stood up to walk over to her. The realness of the situation hit him at that moment.

She looked up at him shyly. Never had he ever seen such a beautiful sight. She was sexy, yet innocent. Gorgeous and angelic in the candle light.

This was also the first time he’d ever seen her in such an outfit. As stunning and perfect as she looked every day, which she always did, this particular outfit sent the blood rushing to his cock almost instantly.

He walked over to her, at a loss for words, mouth slightly agape, and placed a hand gently on her shoulder.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his face expressing how at a loss for a better way to tell her just how much he loved her he was at that very moment. “Like an angel,” he noted quietly, affection gripping his tender words as he slid his hand up her neck to cup the side of her face.

She blushed furiously, and Ryan felt his heart swell, finding it to be absolutely adorable.

He suddenly took both her hands in his and looked deep into her eyes with concern, searching them. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, needing her reassurance once more before going through tonight's very intimate the night’s plans. It would be a night of yet another important first. 

Yes, he wanted this more than he’d ever wanted anything else. He wanted to hold her and love her. He wanted to be deep inside of her. He desperately wanted to make love to her.

The memory of the time he’d first told her he wanted to make love to her took over his thoughts.

It wasn’t too long after they’d begun becoming more intimate with each other. It was about about seven months after they’d first started dating, he recalled, that he had pleasured her with his hands for the first time and brought her first orgasm.

She’d been beside herself. Never having felt such sensations, and never having been touched down there, not even by herself, all she could do was squirm and pant. He remembered the strangled, erotic, almost frantic noises she kept making in between gasping his name. She couldn’t stop herself from grabbing onto Ryan’s hand as he messaged that little bud within the folds of her sex with increasing speed and pressure, and pressed and rubbed repeatedly over that spot deep inside her womanhood.

That night had been over a year ago. About three months, give or take, after that, he’d gone down on her for the first time. He remembered just how good she had tasted. The memory did nothing to stop his erection, but he didn’t want to stop remembering it.

He had made sure that she was ready for it and wasn’t feeling pressured to go through with it. When he was certain she wanted it, he laid a towel on her bed and told her to lay on top of it. By the time he’d worked his way down from her mouth to the apex of her thighs and removed her pants and undergarments, he was softly caressing and kissing her inner thighs.

Ryan was feeling more than hot as he heard her labored breathing as she anticipated his lips meeting her lower ones.

Very delicately, he pressed his lips to her womanhood, giving her a single gentle kiss. He felt himself harden as Rachel sighed in both surprise and pleasure. He kissed her again. And then again. Then he spread her lips with his and slid his tongue over her opening. Her breathing picked up and she moaned. She’d always liked being rubbed over her opening like that, he remembered. Her face when he did so was enough to make any man come, right then and there.

He knew when she was getting close to her climax; she could never stay still when she was. As his tongue worked on that little bundle of nerves, she began moving her hips against him and tangled her fingers in his hair, continuing making those sounds cries and mewls and gasps of pleasure that she always did.

Finally, she grabbed fistfuls of his hair and choked on her breath as she came into Ryan’s waiting mouth. He smiled proudly as he licked her clean.

It was not pride born of the ability to manipulate his woman’s body, though, but of being able to please Rachel specifically and make her feel so good she could barely breathe.

He loved her more than anything, and he’d do anything he could to let her know and make her feel good. Whatever kind of good fit the situation, he smirked.

After he’d finished his ministrations and replaced her clothing, Ryan lay close to Rachel and pulled her panting form into his tight embrace, taking in her scent.

Even after she’d caught her breath, he’d kept silent for a while, just lying there with her half on top of him, nuzzled into his neck. When she looked up at him (rather bashfully, after what he’d just done with her), he smiled and simply said “hey.” She smiled back and answered with her own “hey.”

“So, how’d you like it?” he inquired quietly, grinning, clearly already knowing what the answer was. All she could do was blush slightly, though he could tell she was trying to hide the pink that was painting her cheeks, and say “thank you.”

In the beginning, she’d always thank him for their intimate goings on. He thought it was ridiculous that she acted like he was doing her favors, and worried that she didn’t realize just how much he cared for and loved her. He enjoyed doing those things to her just as much as she seemed to enjoy having them done to her.

“Did you know I love you?” she said quietly, a sweet smile on her perfect face.

“I did, indeed, darling.” He paused and sighed contently, then said “and I love you more than I could ever say,” (saying “I love you” wasn’t a new thing for them; Ryan had accidentally blurted it out after they passed the three-month mark. He hadn’t meant to, but he didn’t take it back afterward. And why should he have? It was the truth). Then he continued “And I hope, one day, you’ll let me show you just how much I love you. I hope that, when you’re ready, you’ll let me make love to you.” he was looking deep into her eyes in that way he always did and playing with the stray strands of her hair.

He’d hoped to be her first, and maybe her only. But even if they were to break up after they made love, it still would’ve been making love, he knew. He’d always love her. Love her very soul.

She looked back up at him with those deep green eyes of hers and admitted “I want that, too.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I love you, Ryan. I want you to make love to me.” Her quiet voice was laced with need as it pulled Ryan back to the present once more. He had to stifle a groan when he registered what she had said, and the powerful meaning behind her words.

Finally. He’d waited patiently for this moment for two years. He didn’t mind waiting as much as one might think, though. He’d have waited as long as was necessary for her. Their relationship was one that developed very slowly when it came to physical contact and intimacy. Ryan knew it was all a bit frightening for Rachel, though she’d rarely show it. She always wanted to seem brave and fearless. She also just wasn’t a person who liked any kind of excessive touch in the first place. That being said, he wouldn’t dare push her to do things she wasn’t ready for. He didn’t want to frighten her away. He couldn’t even bear the thought of losing her. So, he’d made it a habit to remain gentle with her.

And, his waiting had paid off. He remembered the letter that she’d given him on their one-year anniversary, the first truly monumental milestone they celebrated together. It read:


Dearest Ryan,

         All I can think to say is thank you .Thank you for being so incredible. Thank you for simply being you. Until I met you, I didn’t think a man as perfect and patient could exist. Before I met you, I was lonely. Nobody before you ever looked at me the way you do, with love in your eyes. You make me feel special, like I can take on anything with you by my side because nothing is scary when I have you. You are the one person that can always make me smile, no matter what id happening in my life. I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have earned your love and call myself your girlfriend. You don’t look at me like a silly child, even though I'm five years younger You always take care of me and are patient with me. You make me laugh. You’re smart. You’re sweet. I’ve never seen a better looking man in my life. I just don’t get how, with all of those qualities, you fell for little, old me. I’m not complaining, though. I know that it must be hard for you, waiting for me like this. I promise I’m doing my best to open up. I’m sorry to make you wait like this; I know you have…needs. I can’t  thank you enough for being so patient and gentle with me the past year. I love you so, so much. I know I’m not always good at showing it, but I can’t even begin put into words how much you mean to me. You’re not only my boyfriend, but also my best friend and my first love. I’ve never been so afraid of losing anybody before. I will always remember how much better you’ve made my life and will always have a special place for you in my heart. This letter isn’t enough to explain how much I love you. Just know that I do so much that it hurts.

                                                                                Yours always,


Ryan had saved that letter and read it frequently. The creases where the letter was folded were well worn from be folded and refolded so many times.

He just couldn’t understand why she didn’t see all that made her so wonderful. As far as Ryan was concerned, it was impossible not to love her.

Back in the real world, the current world, Ryan tenderly held Rachel’s face in his hand and bent his head down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she stood on her toes to reach his height. 

He had always liked how tall he made her felt. He was only five foot seven himself, but she still had to stand on her toes to kiss him sometimes.

They stood there like that, kissing in the romantically decorated, candlelit room. Ryan slid his tongue across Rachel’s bottom lip. She got the implied message and opened her mouth for his tongue to slip in.

He brushed his tongue against the roof of her mouth, tasting and exploring it. They fell onto his bed as they continued kissing each other passionately.

Ryan was laying on top of Rachel, their legs tangled together, his hands in her hair. She made a small noise of appreciation, and he smirked just slightly at this as he moved from her lips, along her jaw, to the spot below her ear that drove her damn near wild when he kissed it. His kisses were soft and sensual, but it was evident that he was doing everything in his power to control his very strong, very male urges to tear into her that very second. The anticipation that had built up over the years was fierce.

Ryan kissed his way down her porcelain neck, leaving a few light marks and bites, before slipping the thin strap of her negligee off.

His lips just barely making contact with Rachel’s goose bump-covered skin, his breathing fanning over her neck, he slid the back of his knuckles over her bare shoulder and down half of her arm, then back up as he moved his head to look into her sparkling eyes.

Her breathing started getting louder as he untied the bow that was holding the fabric on her small body, removing what little clothing she had on, letting it float to the ground once it was removed.

She gulped nervously and made like she wanted to cover herself up as Ryan took in her perfect figure and porcelain skin like it was the last thing he would ever see.When she finally met his gaze again, he was staring back into her eyes again, this time with a bewildered expression upon his face.

“Do you understand how unbelievably beautiful you are?” He whispered in awe. She blushed wildly, not knowing how to respond. Fortunately for her, Ryan eliminated the need for her to reply to the question (not that he had asked so she would answer him… he just wanted to tell her. Again) by capturing her lips in a slow, deep, searing kiss.

Their kissing became more intense and heated as he cupped her breast and kneaded it in his hand. He felt her nipples harden under his touch. She moaned has he continued kissing and nipping her collar bone as he messaged her breast.

Ryan’s hand and mouth started making their way further and further south on Rachel’s body. He placed soft, open mouthed kissed over the swells of her delectable breasts, then between them as he continues down her front. The sounds of appreciation she uttered only fueled his very hot, feral fire. 

His fingers gingerly stroked her inner thighs as he kissed her most intimate place. He licked the opening between the folds of her sex, reveling that she was already wet. 

He slid his tongue through her folds once more before repeatedly flicking it over her sensitive nub. She gasped at the pressure on the bundle of nerves and continued to squirm as moved the tip of his tongue over it repeatedly.

One of his fingers found its way into her opening, then another slid in. She sighed immediately, feeling the slight pressure inside of her.

Replacing his tongue with his thumb, he moved his head back up to take one of Rachel's taught, pink nipples into his waiting mouth, swirling his tongue around it and sucking gently. With his finger, he rubbed that part of her anatomy inside that shot pleasure though her like and electric shock. She panted and moaned out loud, losing herself in what he was doing. 

And Ryan was loving watching it all unfold.

He grazed her nipple with his teeth and quickened his pace at that spot inside of her and she squirmed and mewled uncontrollably, moving her hips with his hand. 

When Ryan decided that her sex was sufficiently prepared (and certainly wet) enough for something that would be much bigger than his finger, he pulled away from her, kneeling over her on the bed, and began unbuttoning his shirt.

He was turned and pushed back onto the bed. It took a moment for him to process what was happening. For him to figure out that his Rachel had pushed him onto his back and was now unbuttoning his shirt with expert ease.

Once unbuttoned, she pushed the side of his shirt apart and started kissing her way down his torso, stopping to lick and suck at one of his nipples. That alone was nearly enough to make him come in his pants.

She unbuckled his belt and slid off his pants, casting them aside. She did the same with his boxers.

By this time, Ryan knew that his member was already hard to the point where it was painful, so when she tugged off his underwear, it sprang up eagerly to greet her.

Rachel was always just the slightest bit hesitant when it came to pleasuring Ryan (since they had never had sex, it had only ever been with her hands or mouth in the past), he noticed, which he found to be completely absurd. She seemed to be afraid she was doing something wrong or that she just wasn’t good at it, but both of those things were completely false in every capacity. The truth was, she was naturally skilled when it came to this type of thing, having a good understanding of the human body and of psychology.

The second she wrapped her hand around his swollen shaft, he was drowned in the memory of the first time she’d done it.

For a while, Rachel had been feeling guilty that she didn’t do many as many sexual things with Ryan as other girls did with their boyfriends. She felt worse because, despite the fact that Ryan had already gone down on her and exposed her to what touch of a very intimate nature down there was like on more than one occasion, she hadn’t done anything like that for him. It ate her up inside no matter how many time he insisted that it was fine.

Yes, there was a lot Ryan wanted to do with Rachel, but he wanted her to be ready. He wasn’t going to be the jerk that guilted her into things she wasn’t ready for. That was just a recipe for the death of a relationship. And he'd be damned if he did anything to jeopardize his relationship with Rachel. Or to make her feel threatened in anyway.


Given his increasingly romantic disposition (the change all due to his meeting and dating of Rachel, of course), he hoped there would never be anybody but Rachel by his side. He couldn't even fathom not being with her forever. It seemed truly and utterly impossible to him.

But, one day when they had been fooling around, she took him by surprise and took control.


Ryan couldn’t believe what was going on, especially when she tentatively took him into her warm mouth. No woman had ever made him moan so loud nor come so hard. Where the hell did she learn how to do that? He’d asked himself in utter shock.

When he’d asked her how she knew so well what to do, she calmly explained that she had asked friends and consulted the internet prior to going on such a bold sexual endeavor like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Something about her nonchalance when answering the question made it all the more cool and sexy. And so utterly her. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

A sudden low moan radiated from his chest through his mouth as he was brought out of his memory by Rachel messaging the head of his erect member with her thumb before taking him into her mouth. He groaned the instant he felt the wetness of her cavern around his rigid member.

He felt hot all over as a thin layer of sweat formed over his brow. His breaths came shorter and he rasped her name between them as his fingers tangled in her hair. 

He moaned her name. She responded to him by looking up at him, with him still in her mouth, and staring into his eyes. And, that was it for him. He needed to end this little foreplay game before he finished in her hot mouth (which would have been a pretty enticing prospect on any normal day, but not when he had such important plans for the night), and he was certainly not about to let that happen. No, sir, he would not come too quickly like some over excited fifteen year old

He used every ounce of will power at his disposal to pull her up, effective stopping the Earth shattering pleasure she was providing him. He tore his already unbuttoned shirt off and flipped them so he was, once again, on top of Rachel.

Looking into her warm green eyes, wild and alive with anticipation, he asked “Are you sure?” one last time. He just needed to be sure. Needed this to be right. To be perfect.

“Yes, Ry. I’m sure. I love you,” she said in a fervent whisper.

“I love you, too. I can’t even tell you how much I do,” he replied, smiling.

He took her hand in his while he leaned on the other for support. Her free hand grasped his shoulder in anticipation for what was about to come (no pun intended).

Finally. The very moment he’d been waiting for for years. He could practically burst with excitement.

Ryan positioned himself at, waited for her to give the signal that she as ready, and slid himself into her very slowly, watching her face closely as he did. A low, guttural groaning moan erupted from him as she encased him. She was so damn tight around him. Even in his imagination this hadn't felt so perfectly, explosively pleasurable. So right. So good.

Shaking with the effort it was costing him, he stayed still inside of her, allowing her to adjust.

She winced and squeezed Gikwang's hand tightly the second he entered her. He kissed her forehead caringly, still struggling to remain gentle and still. He'd have felt worse than awful if he didn't make this as pleasurable for her as it would be for him. And he'd be a wreck if he hurt her.

Eventually, he started moving. Slowly, in and out.

Every centimeter of his body was on fire and he longed to pick up blinding speed and force, but restrained himself for Rachel’s sake. Once he heard her moan, though, he started gradually quickening his pace. They moved together, meeting each other’s thrusts, panting and breathing each other’s names.

The entire time,, though, they didn't get too fast, nor too tough with each other. Ryan dictated the speed for the most part, and decided to stay with in a range of speed that actually allowed them both to feel and experience her first time making love. Their first time making love. 

Ryan tore his eyes away from the sight of Rachel's succulently full breasts bouncing vigorously from the force of his rhythmic thrusts to feel her lips on his once more. The kiss was bursting with passion and cut by pants and moans.

Never had he felt so close to another person in his entire life. It wasn’t the first time he’d had sex, but this was different than anything else… it was beautiful. It was love.

Their eyes locked as they found a faster rhythm. Time was slowed for that moment and every sensation was heightened and intensified. Their breathing was louder. Their groans carrying more lust in them. Their thrusts more forceful. The pleasure so much more pleasurable. It was more perfect than Ryan could’ve asked for it to be.

He knew the end approaching, and he was disappointed it had to so soon. But the prospect of the mind-blowing orgasm that was surely on its way made up for that almost entirely.

He kept thrusting until her found her spot. Her eyes squeezed shut and she threw her head back, arching her spine. Rachel’s hands grasped tightly at Ryan’s back as she pleaded for more. Begged for him to go faster and send her flying over the edge of ecstasy. He obliged, his mind marring her thoughts, and slipped a hand between the two of them to rub her already sensitive nub. He wanted to make sure they finished together,

Her calls, her calling of his name in such a fit of lust, brought him that much closer to his impending release. Nothing in that moment was more important to him than to just feel. Feel Rachel and provide her with the same pleasure that she was him.

They finally came together. Something exploded in both of them. It was as much an emotional release as a physical release. A floating, tingling, engulfed-in-blinding-light feeling engulfed them both as they rode out their orgasms. He didn’t know if he’d ever catch his breath. 

Ryan collapsed onto her without withdrawing.

Not a sound was heard in the room aside from their combined labored breathing.

Eventually, Ryan carefully withdrew and rolled onto his back, pushing is slightly shaggy light brown hair of his face. He pulled Rachel into a tight embrace, grinning blissfully.

He brushed the hairs that were sticking to her sticky forehead aside and kissed the place where the hairs had stuck.

"I love you, Rachel" he whispered into her hair.

"I love you, too. I always will,” came her responding whisper. 

It didn't take long for Rachel to fall asleep, he head still nuzzled in the crook of Ryan's neck. He watched her sleeping face and thought about what he had hidden away in the drawer of his bedside table.

I was a small, back, velvet box with, just as you'd expect, a diamond ring in it. He had painstakingly searched through shop after shop to find a ring that embodied Rachel perfectly. Something shiningly beautiful and captivating, but not bulky or gaudy. Now it was just a matter planning the perfect proposal and waiting for the perfect moment to ask the most perfect woman in the world to marry him. 

Maybe it would be in a few weeks, maybe in ten years. He didn't care how long it was. 

He'd gladly wait. 

The End

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