Letter To A Friend

Dear Mark,


At last I’ve found the perfect pearl for the perfect girl. I’m going to ask her to marry me. But as you know, I didn’t want it to be traditional, so I’d like you to set this pearl for me. It will be the most beautiful engagement ring your clever fingers have ever created. And you’re the only man I’d trust with the job.

I’m thinking a white gold. Would that be best since it’s a black pearl? Solitaire setting. As the gold wraps around the pearl the band should become thinner, and I’d like that part to be set with diamonds. The diamonds should get consecutively smaller as they wrap from one side of the pearl to the other, tapering in size the same way that the band does. Something like that diamond ring you made for your niece’s engagement a while ago. You know the one I’m talking about.

I have complete confidence in you. When you’re finished, I’d appreciate if you could send the ring to:


Victor Thompson

341 Fairfax Lane

Aurora, Maine 04408


This is Victor’s home address. Since we’ll be back there in about a month, I’m thinking that’s a good destination for it. The post office will keep it nice and safe I’m sure. I’ll have payment for you when I return. Thank you in advance.



Morgan Roth

The End

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