Move to the back and talk to her.

You decide to go and let her know what's going on. You grab your bag and move up towards the back.

Her gaze snaps to you as you approach, and for once her eyes don't seem glazed - Yet the always were when you'd seen her before...

She smiles and takes out one of her earphones as you take the seat next to her. Her smile fades as she notices some of the other passengers' faces.

"Has something happened?" She asks, starting to look concerned.

You look and nod towards the front of the bus. She leans over to look down the aisle, and gasps as she claps a hand over her mouth, eyes wide and face paling.

After a few seconds she lowers her hand, still staring at the body.

"What the...? What happened?"

You try to think what might have happened, to explain.

"Well.. He seems to have been stabbed... But how he got sent to the front without getting other attention remains a mystery..."

She shudders, looking away. You look away too, trying to think of something to say as sirens approach.

"So... I've seen you around."

She glances back at you.

"I haven't been here long. Only a few months."

"Wow. Are you enjoying this college?"

"Yeah, it's alright."

"What's your name?"

She looks back at you properly and smiles again.

"Agesh. What's your's?"

You open your mouth to say when you notice the boy's body being removed.

Well, you did hear the sirens, but didn't really take the into account as you were too focused talking to your new aquaintance.

Everyone's attention sharpens as a policeman steps aboard.

He's wearing the usual summer-police uniform - black hat, trousers and shoes, and a black stab-proof vest on top of a short-sleeved shirt. He also has a bushy moustache, seemingly cold eyes but a kind voice.

"Young ladies and gents - it's nice to see you're listening.  We've been informed of the event on this bus, and we'll need to search you and take down your addresses before transferring you all to the back-up bus we've requested, which should arrive anytime soon.  Now, starting from those at the front, if you would form a line, please..."

There was scuffling as people got into line. You suddenly remember you were near the front originally and, nodding a quick "See you later" to Agesha, you make your way to where you guess your place in the line would be.

*A few minutes later.*

You stand, wating by the policeman for Agesha. The policeman takes no notice of you; he's already checked you, your bag, taken your address and given the all clear.

She comes last, finally, and gives the policeman her bag while writing down her address, and you sneak-watch.

Wow. Turns out she lives on the same street as you. Yet you've never noticed her. How queer.

The back-up bus arrives as they finish checking Agesha,who also gets an all-clear.

Everyone boards the bus, you and your new friend getting on last, and you let her get on before you.

Heading for the only pair of empty seats left, you sit next to eachother, but for now neither of you can think of anything to say as the bus starts moving. The high topic of talk that's bouncing around the bus about the death would spread like wildfire during the schools and college that day.


*When shall we skip to?*

The End

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