A Seemingly Normal Day.

I imagined this from your point of view - as though you were on my school bus this morning, when (I could see this all happening in my head) the following events occured.
So, basically, this is you, Reader.

Looking up from (or looking away from the window) whatever you may be doing, you suddenly jolt forwards along with everyone else as the small local (and possibly seatbelt-less?) bus screeches to a halt.  A body has caused this, landing by the driver's seat - it lays crumpled and motionless.

It is that of a young boy's. Slightly chubby and dark-haired.

From his clothes you can tell he's from the last town's local middle school. He hadn't been on the bus long, he'd only got on at the stop before last.

The bus' engine dies down, and you lean forwards to try and see more as the driver gets down to examine him.

There seems to be blood coming from a wound on the boy's head, but more noticable is the wound in his chest. The most blood seeps gently from this injury as the little heart shivers it's last few beats.

At first glance, one might have thoughtit to be a stab wound.

But on closer inspection, it was too round to be a knife wound - and inflicted too quickly to have been turned if it was - especially without someone else noticing.

You supress a shudder and look around at the other people in the bus.

Most are looking shocked, some are muttering quietly amongst themselves while not taking their gaze from the body. Two are on their mobile/cell phones. Probaby calling someone to report this apparent murder.

Only one person catches your eye though - a teenager in the back corner.

The young girl, looking to be 13-15, with blond hair and a roundish face, is watching out of the window next to her. Her chin is resting in her palm. She is listening to something through earphones, and seems either not to have noticed the situation, or is simply not paying attention to her surroundings.

She seems familiar. You've probably seen her in classes. She never seems to be paying much attention. Her eyes always seemed glazed whenever you managed to sneak a glance at her, as if she was within her own world.


Yet, somehow, you feel she's the one to talk to. Probably just to get her attention and tell her what's going on.

Yeah, that seems like a good idea.. But was it...?


What do you decide to do?

The End

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