Chapter 5

Ashley woke up early the next day. Lying in bed she let her eyes wander around the bedroom. They rested on the photograph of her and Brett sat on a rug at last summers church picnic, their arms around each other. Ashley again closed her eyes and took time to remember the day that photo was taken.

She finally got enough courage to get up, and as she did a dizzy spell hit her and she had to rush to the bathroom. She was sick into the toilet. Finally the retching stopped and she was able to wipe her mouth. Wrapping her dressing gown around herself, she headed downstairs to the kitchen. Getting the milk out of the fridge she poured herself a glass and seated herself on a barstool. Resting her chin on her hand she began absent mindedly drawing pictures in the condensation on the outside of the glass. Her mum came in.

“You OK Ash?” She asked rubbing her hand down Ashley's back.

“I think so mum,” Ashley replied, “Just been feeling sick.”

“Well I'm afraid you'll just have to put up with that. I remember how terrible I felt when I was pregnant with the twins. I hope you don't have it so bad.”

“Thanks mum. Can we talk about it all sometime? I want to hear your stories.”

“I would love to do that!” Ashley turned and hugged her mum. “There is one other thing though Ashley.”

“What mum?” Ashley said frowning.

“You really need to tell Brett. Soon.”

“I know.” a wave of disappointment washed over Ashley. She did not look forward to that conversation. “I'll try and tell him later, after we have lunch at his house.”

“Good girl. I'll pray for you.”

Church seemed to drag out. Sat next to her mum, and Brett, Ashley found it hard to concentrate. Brett was holding her hand. His nearness made her feel funny, her heart beat slightly faster. Finally, after the last prayer she was able to slip away from Brett for a couple minutes. The sermon had really touched her but she wasn't really sure why, it had been all about forgiveness, and Ashley didn't know who she had to forgive. Her phone went off, sighing she pulled it from her bag and bringing up the text from Brett she read.


She hurried to the car, and climbed in next to Brett. He wrapped one arm around her shoulder, and gently stroked her cheek on the short drive to his house.

The afternoon passed really fast. Ashley's family and Brett's family talked, and they played some games. Eventually, Brett and Ashley were able to slip away to a small snug at the other end of the house. Brett took Ashley in his arm and kissed her. She kissed him back, but reluctantly.

“Is everything OK? Babe?” asked Brett looking concerned.

“Err, well, Brett...” Ashley's voice trailed off.

“Come on babe, you can tell me!”

“You know, on my birthday...” She took deep breaths as she said it, stuttering slightly, “Well I'm, I'm....pregnant” the word came out in a whisper.

“Whaaaaaat?” exclaimed Brett, “How? What?” he didn't seem able to believe what he was hearing.

“I'm pregnant Brett,” it came out stronger this time, and for once she didn't have the urge to break into tears.

“Are you joking with me? Babe?” the pleading in his voice was evident in his words.

“I wouldn't joke about it Brett, you know that.” Brett began to shake his head.

“ can't be true”

“Brett, Please?”

“GO AWAY, STOP lying to me.” Brett lashed out, startled Ashley backed away from him and went towards the door.

“You have to believe me Brett, there is no way around it.” Ashley slipped out the door, and silently left the house. Leaving her shoes behind, she set off at a run down the street towards her house.


The End

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