Chapter 3


Friday came way too quickly.

Ashley couldn't concentrate in school and was only vague when Brett asked what was wrong. Sat in her room Ashley tried to work out what she would say to her mum.

She turned up the volume of her laptop to help pass the time till her mum arrived home. The sounds of Taylor Swift, 'Fifteen' filled her bedroom. And as the song got inside her head she began to sing along.

“Sounds nice!”

Startled at the voice, Ashley turned around to see her mum leaning on the door frame. “Hey mum,” she said.

“Ready to talk?” asked her mum, “want to stay here of go to the snug?” The snug was a small room off the hall, full of sofas and cushions it was a great place for watching films and talking.

“Please.” Ashley said.

She followed her mum into the snug and curled up in one of the deep corner chairs, hugging a cushion to her stomach.

“So what did you want to talk about?” asked her mum, “school, boys, what?”

“Please, mum, just let me talk.” said Ashley, the guilt and fear already building to tears that threatened to fall at any minute. Struggling to regain the ability to speak, Ashley began.

“I'm so sorry mum,” she said, “I never meant to, it just happened.” the tears started and wouldn't stop. “ and Brett,, I...” looking at her mum, she knew she had to say. It came out as a sob.

“I'm pregnant.”

Her mums reaction was different than what she had expected. She saw the anger and disappointment in her mums eyes, but it didn't surface straight away. Her mum got up and crossed the gap between them. She sat next to Ashley, and hugged her, letting her cry.

Then the questions came. “Does Brett or anyone else know?” asked her mum.

Ashley was relieved that was the first question, “No.” she replied. “I can't tell Brett, I don't want to loose him!” the great feelings she had for Brett came through in that statement and her mums tears blended with her own.

More questions followed. “When did it happen? How long have you known?”

Ashley struggled to calm the sobs before she replied, “My birthday. And I've known for a couple weeks, aren't you angry mum? I'm really sorry, I broke my promise to you, I'm sorry.” It all gushed out in one go.

Her mum pulled her closer “Honey, of course I'm angry, but I'm more disappointed in you.”

Ashley could see the weight of what she had said rest on her mums heart, but her mum just let her cry. Soon Ashley could bear it no longer, “Mum, what do I do? Help me? I'm so scared!”

“I don't know Ash, I just don't know!” her mum got up and passed her more tissue, before grabbing some for herself. “I better go get the twins.”

By the time her mum got home, Ashley had returned to her bedroom, and it looked like she had gone to bed.

She hadn't.

She put on her pyjamas, but instead of getting into bed, she had gone to the bay window, and opening it, she had climbed up the trellis to the short terrace on the roof and curled up on one of the all weather sofas.

It hadn't been as bad as she had expected. Her mum had seemed quite accepting, but she wished she knew how her mum really felt. She hoped her mum would tell her dad, she didn't want to be there when he first heard about it.

The stars and moon above her made her feel so small. She stayed sat there, with no energy to move. Suddenly her phone, which she clutched in her hand close to her chest, vibrated, making her jump. It was Brett.


Closing her eyes, warm tears again trickled down her cheeks. It felt like her heart was bleeding inside her as she wrote her reply.


Not wanting to receive any more texts she hit the off button on her phone and tucked it in her dressing gown pocket. Hugging a fluffy cushion to her chest she lay on her back and again looked up at the stars. Closing her eyes, she drifted in to a dreamless sleep.


A couple miles away, Brett lay awake, day dreaming about Ashley. He jumped as his phone vibrated, reading it he smiled, and replied,

















The End

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