A Second Chance at Lies

Eva finds her crush at the side of the road with amnesia. When he mistakes her for an old flame, she goes along with it to live out her ideal relationship.
However, when things start to get serious, Eva has to contemplate living with her lies or telling her love that there's more history to their first meeting than she first divulged.

Leonardo Pettifer and Evangeline ‘Penny’ Moorson couldn’t have been more different.

Their potential relationship could have been epitomised in their potential ‘break-up’. That essence of the arguments they never got around to having. On the one hand, Eva’s insistence that something must have been going on behind the stern looks and the restricted class of the classroom walls could have kept a whole house of lovers burning; on the other, Leo declared that he knew more than to risk his career on the whim of a beautiful girl.

And who was to which was right? Eva was indeed beautiful, but only in the off-chance that she didn’t say anything spiteful to ruin her façade with tears. Leo was capital in his sense and deduction- something which Eva would childishly yearn to have- but, contrarily, he had little kindness within his soul when it came to the students that he surrounded himself with. Leo’s certainty lay in the assumption of a fact that they would not want to have a member of staff interfere.

One pretended he was no longer a prude, the other desperately tried to imitate such a reserved nature.

"I'll change one day," she promised herself. "I need to change for others. I’m no longer a child.” That much was true; as a seventeen-year-old, Eva’s stubborn eyes roamed in the same way that any teenager’s curiosity would, but her mind fast-forwarded to her future and to sticking with the man she had become a little too fond of.

Unfortunately, Leo had noticed such attention with worried contempt. He didn’t need a crush only six years into the job. His scheme to escape from one side of destiny unfolded quickly; in two months, he was packing his bags, considering changes houses as well as cities.


When we come to the scene, Leo and Eva cannot be more different and distanced. A whole county of land stands between their desire for each other. In his own way, Leo was the lucky one, wrangling a promotion so that he wouldn’t have to think about her, faithful or not.

However, that didn’t stop Eva from hurting from what he had previously said to her. They might have both escaped any outward scandal, but it was true that they were both disappointed on the inside. Leo’s blank heart could forget anything that Eva had told him, but it was worse that he would forget how touched she easily could be.

On that final day, Eva watched as her heart continued to fold in two. Over the summer she became disparate to her sprightly self, falling into a depressed state of concentrated work. She pressed herself to find a way into the country’s top universities, as if that would be enough to convince Leo that her intensity was worth combating his intellect and his incorrect assumptions.

Eva strained to forget about word of rebuke that she had heard when she had confessed to love. If there was any unfair advantage, it also fell to Leo, for he would never see the halls in which they met again, whereas Eva herself was stuck trying to ignore the past in a haunted house.

For the time of the summer, however, she swamped herself in everything and nothing, and soon exploits meant that her tears dried, albeit only a little. She got up, she left, she stopped waiting for her happiness to come.


Leonardo Pettifer and Evangeline ‘Penny’ Moorson couldn’t have been any more different, but sometimes opposites attract…if only the past would not have meddled with their heads.

The End

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