My dream continues

I could hear music. A lovely lilting tune, made either by a flute or a recorder. Just listening to it brightened my mood. There wasn't anything wrong with me, I was just having a hard time casting off the winter doldrums. I looked around me and realized that the carpet of grass was  unlikely to be that thick or that green this time of year.

There were brillantly coloured flowers popping up everywhere, that hadn't  been there a minute ago. The music changed. It now included voices, high pitched and floating on the gentle breeze. I was enchanted. I knew this was only a dream, but it was beautiful, and I hoped that I wouldn't  wake up just yet, so that I could enjoy it longer. I looked around and noticed a sweet tiny face peering up at me from behind a huge scarlet tulip. I smiled, and the tiny person smiled back.

She opened her mouth and a haunting melody floated up from her lips. I got down on my knees and watched her sing. There were no lyrics that I could tell, just the rise and fall of the melody. So beautiful. When she finished her song, she fluttered her wings and rose above me. I watched in mesmerized silence.

Just then a small man maybe three feet high ran after her with a butterfly net and captured her. "Oh no you don't!" I screamed in alarm. I grabbed him by his collar with one hand, and took the little fairie out of the net with the other. I opened my hand and let her fly free. The liitle man struggled and fumed beneath my grasp. "Yuh dinna git me leprechaun gold! " he grunted as he tried to break free. "You are neither a leprchaun nor an owner of gold," I laughed at him.

He stopped struggling and looked up at me, curious."And whut makes yuh say thet missy?" in the worst Irish accent I had ever heard. "Because It's just too much of a cliche`." I said, letting him go. "Whul yuh dinna seem tuh hev any trubble believin in fairies!" He grumbled.

The End

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