Was this my dream?

The weather was warming slowly.  I was truly looking forward to spring.  I was an in-between person, you know, not too hot, not too cold, just right.
Today, I was going to take a walk, I'd been locked up for the last month of the winter, I needed to stretch my legs.
My street was a cul-d-sac, lined with trees and mobile homes.  It was peaceful, serene and far off the beaten path.  I didn't care, I needed to breathe.
I had a pack with me, just some essentials, water, some fruit, hand wipes.  I never left home without them.. I laughed to myself. 

The bench was under a huge tree, grass spread out in every direction like a plush green carpet, (that cliche^ actually worked here)  I sat and realized, I didn't know where I was.  Looking at my watch I was puzzled to see, I'd been walking for over an hour yet, it felt as though I'd just left.  And then, I began to look around.  I was in the park, the park in my dream..

The End

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