An early start

6:00. The light was pink as the sun rose in to the sky. Such a lovely cold crisp morning. One where you're supposed to be curled in bed, blissfully ignorant of everything that is happening outside of your brain. But no. I'm stood in the cold next to the school coach which is going to take me and a group of students from our school on a camping trip. Joy. Although I like camping on a whole, camping with your school is not the best of circumstances. The fact some of  my friends were there would be good, but the fact that the plastics were also going (probably only going so they could sneak in to their boyfriends tents) was bad. You don't want to get in the way of the plastics, and when your on a camping trip, you can't go home until its over. Another bad thing is that we were out-numbered by the huge number of year 7’s who we would be looking after.  Fun. Obviously there were teachers, but they can’t be expected to look after the kids all on their own, oh no. So here I am, amidst the nine other sixth formers who ‘volunteered’ for this, shivering, and wondering when this torment will end. Did you ever notice how bus drivers are always slow to open the bus doors when the weather is cold? Yeah? Well it’s pissing me off!

6:10. The coach doors open...finally! There is a mad rush for the back seats, and the plastics and there boyfriends  get there first. Damn.  My friend Pippa and I sit in seats opposite two of my other friends Bella and Ash. Behind us are my friends Ellen and Scott and in front are two! And the journey begins.

6:20. Finally, we’re off! It takes so long for teachers to take a register, then to panic over any late students and whether or not each and ever person has got everything they need! Ten whole minutes! We’re not getting any younger! But at least now we’re in the warm and the bus has started up. Something tells me this is going to be a long journey.

The End

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