A Savant's Karmic Eye Into The Heart

Finish it however you want.

The most unnerving thought in the fight was privacy. A beast who could peer into souls, who could see past what was on the outside like glass. I had no idea how to cover myself up, feeling barren; it was the same cold a person gets when naked, when they lose their shell. This time, though, it was cold to the soul.
Ashlotte tossed her hands to the side and lashed out her claws, glaring at the colossus and his giant eye. Every blink seemed to jar her a little, staggering back until she finally snapped. With a heave, her paws went windmilling around, sending the whips lashing across SKEITH's wiry optic nerve. His eye shuddered, then cracked around to face her and froze in place. She took her whips and razed across the surface of it until

The End

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