Hunting Legends

Chapter Three;

Hunting Legends

Raven’s shop wasn’t even open when Kelly made it to town so he ran around the back to the house. He ran inside without even knocking which caused old Raven to toss his breakfast plate straight to the ceiling. Kelly stopped, suddenly realizing what he had just done. The boy briefly considered walking back outside and knocking on the door but figured the damage was already done. Raven sat down in his chair trying to catch his breath before giving Kelly a very stern look.

“I am sorry for charging in on you like this,” Kelly told Raven “but I need to know anything you can tell me about Koryis Killemoff.”

Raven looked up at the young man and he could swear he saw a glint of fear in the eyes of a boy who feared nothing. The only other time he had seen Kelly panicked like this was the days leading up to his mother’s passing. But even then it was not fear, it was defeat.

“Koryis was a Crimson Knight from the town of Shire Hall,” Raven figured he would just answer the boy’s inquiry as best he could and not question the reasons why, “he became a member of the Legion when he was just a boy slightly younger than you are now. He entered the order of knights just before the war. Almost ten years he fought in the war. Until he was lost in the borderlands this past winter. I don’t know much more that that I’m afraid.”

“I know exactly where he made his last stand Raven,” Kelly was beginning to wonder what he would do now, “he asked me to come for him. He told me not to leave him there. I need to borrow a wagon and digging gear. Can you get that for me Raven?”.

“To help one of our greatest heroes seek out one of our greatest legends.” Raven looked at Kelly with absolute pride, he realized it wasn’t fear in his eyes, it was dedication. Dedication to a knight he had never met. “I will prepare everything you need. How far will you be travelling?”

“To the Sabre Valley.” With that said Kelly turned for the door. “I need to find Vlemek, his blade will be useful I think.”

Raven watched as Kelly left his home wondering about how a fallen knight would talk to a young hero. He also thought about Kelly going into the Sabre Valley. It was a very dangerous pass to go through even with a heavily armed entourage. And this boy planned to do it with a wagon load of tools and only one extra sword to accompany him. But then Raven laughed to himself as he thought about who that other sword was.

* * *

Kelly walked into the tavern to see the usual morning crowd. Willen and Fin over at the corner table tell tales to a group of travellers about their glorious adventuring days. Young Bri in first thing for breakfast, and to scrape her father Liam off the floor and take him home. At least she got a free meal every morning for her troubles. And last but certainly not least, right up at the bar sat an enormous Hyll.

The Hyll were a race made up of warrior clans who owned the western expanse. Their appearance was a cross between an orc and a massively pumped up goblin. The one at the bar stood almost seven feet tall and weighed close to four hundred pounds. Kelly knew this because of the many times he had carried him away after a battle that may have gone badly had they not had each other.

When Kelly sat at the bar he immediately had a steaming cup of black tea in front of him. “He’s still sleeping Kelly, it was a long night.” Nadia was a beautiful young serving girl who would work many hours past her shift just to keep an eye on Vlemek as he slept at the bar. “He had to toss a group of southern silk traders because one of them slid a hand under Maria’s skirt. I don’t think he will ever have use of his hand again. And then there was the usual rabble that just like to come in and give him a hard time.”

“Well Nadia I have some bad news this morning.” Kelly watched her pride for his friend turn to worry in an instant. “We will be heading to the Sabre Valley as soon as he wakes.”

“That valley is bad news my little friend.” The sound of Vlemek’s voice caused old Liam to immediately pull himself up off the floor and begin his morning stagger home. “We will need to pick up our armour from Sydney.”

“I will take care of that while you have yourself a good breakfast.” Kelly gave Nadia a little smile as he turned around and addressed the room. “If you don’t have a room upstairs then it’s time to go. If you do have a room upstairs, breakfast will be a little late today so you might as well go explore town for a bit. Everyone needs to clear the tavern room for an hour.”

Everyone in the room got up to leave without so much as a questioning look towards the young man. Everyone knew what Kelly and Vlemek had done for this kingdom even though the two of them never spoke of it. And for that reason they had the respect of the locals and the admiration of the passers by.

* * *

Sydney was an amazing contrast to the smith’s district. She was beautiful and Kelly and Vlemek were her only customers. They had made her the offer many times to allow her to use their popularity to bring in customers. But still she turns away any customer who even mentions their names.

Kelly walked into the shop and noticed Sydney working on a pair of long swords. Neither himself or Vlemek used a long sword. “Who’s the new customer Syd?” Kelly was in awe by her ability to manipulate steel. He always assumed that what she did was enhanced by magic. “The swords look great.”

“I’m not sure who she is actually. She just came in a couple weeks ago and placed an order. I’m just now putting on the finishing touches, and my mark of course.” Sydney set the swords in a rack and went into the back room. “I could use your arms back here Mr. Savage.”

Kelly snapped out of his trance and ran into the back room. The sight of the armour brought the trance right back. He and Vlemek had decided on chain mail this time around. Plate lacked mobility and splint made Vlemek look like he was wearing a barrel. The chain that Sydney had there for him would make the elven armourers of the Silverspear Woods envious. Well worth any price he thought to himself.

Once he had the armour boxed up and ready to go they went back out front to finalize the sale. Sydney walked over to dig out her cash counter. She began adding numbers in the dust on the counter. “The total after your discount is five hundred gold coins.”

Kelly signed off on the purchase and told Sydney that they would more than likely return for repairs in a few weeks. He then threw one box up on each shoulder to head back to the tavern. It was when the wood of the box scraped across the skin on his shoulder that he realized he came into town without putting on his shirt. Good thing he slept with his pants on. Kelly laughed as he walked out of the shop.

The End

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