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WARFRONT: DAY 4825; Civilian Base frontline m9 CREW 483: "Where is Captain Zarin?" asked crewer Tella, "He was supposed to be ready half an hour ago." "Don't worry, he's always late," replied Mark Aiylen of Operations. "Yes, but the docking station isn't about to move most of the time," was a harsh response from Tella. "Wha'd I miss?" came the voice of none other than Captain Zarin, "Is it takeoff yet?" "Yes sir," Aiylen. "Lets go" SECTOR Q294.004.900; SHIP 218: "Wow," said operator Mike Trace, looking in to the super nova or a blue star. Onboard ship 218, rarely did one see anything special. The ship had been waiting to meet the mysterious Yeaven, who said to meet in their location, Q294.004.900, which was checked every morning, to make sure nobody misread the original transmission. It was getting near the end time, the Yeaven had said wait only three and a half months, if they weren't there, move to the second location, Y687.994.005, and wait another two months. It had been a long three months for the rest of the crew too. They had thought the Yeaven were just adding cushion time to the original transmission, but it turned out to be actually three months. Captain C was getting sick of it. He wanted to see the blasted Yeaven, bring them to Torrent, and win the bloody war. That wasn't happening... -Shewww- was the only sound the crew of 218 heard as the sun went nova. An odd sound for a nova. The crew untinted the view glass, to see a new ship in front of them, reading "The Torn Fighter, VT-7747". "Torn Fighter, Yeaven, to the 218, please respond" came the comm. "218, Torn Fighter, we read you over, where ya been?" asked Captain C. "Here, but not here at the same time, another dimension, from another nova elsewhere, were back in the normal dimension now, right?" hissed the comm. "I have to think so..."
The End

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