A Sad Day

All stories need a backstory, and all backstories need a point. If you're looking for a backstory, or a point, I'm sorry, you've come to the wrong place. To begin, A Sad Day is set on a world called Torrent. Torrent is in a state of civil war, one of the longest wars in the history of the galaxy. Only one thing can stop this war, well, one group, or is it two? Two sides fight in this Civil War, the Military, and the Civilians. One wins, the other loses, right? What if the victory is only momentary? What if the loser strikes back? Enjoy this story, for you'll know what happens to Torrent soon, very soon. The Civilians have a special force called North. North members are placed into groups, called teams. Only two such teams exist still, Crew 218, and Crew 493. Crew 218 has left the Torrent system, and met others, living elsewhere. Crew 493 rallies support from other civilians in the military's cities. Pick a path to follow, 218 or 493...
The End

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