4th September

Hospital Lobby

Dear Diary,
Usually, Alba and I would talk in the evenings, on the phone or on twitter but for some strange reason she hadn't been online. When I called she didn't pick up. I wondered what had happened. I went round three days ago to see what had happened but no one had been home.


Two days ago Dom and I had been out looking at some stately homes for a wedding or reception venue. That evening he called me to say he had a call from Hermann with no message.


Yesterday we went round again to see if anyone was there. Hermann was. He seemed sort of edgy and distant, as if there was somewhere he was supposed to be. He said a few words and we all got in his car. Before we knew it we arrived at the hospital.


I was worried but I knew what it was. It had to be something to do with the baby. He was a month early!


When we were inside and past the desk, Hermann led us up masses of stairs and along a corridor. We turned left and through the door was a large ward filled with gurgling (and screaming) babies, tired mothers and distraught nurses. Alba was in the fifth bed.


“Hi Albs, how’re you doing?”


Alba was sat up; smiling and holding the tiniest human I had ever seen.


“I’m fine. Glad to see you came.”


“I was worried that I hadn’t heard from you. He or she?”


“He. We forgot your number so we had to find Dom’s. What should we call him?”


“Ah, he’s so cute. Early isn’t he. So small! Oooh, I’m not a name person. Gerald? Charles? Edward? Ben?”


“Hmm. Not sure. Sorry for worrying you. I’m tired.”


“I’ll leave you for now. I’ll come back tomorrow? Nice to see you.”


Alba smiled and snuggled down into the bed Hermann kissed the baby’s head and then kissed Alba, before turning and leading us back down to the car. We were all happy on the way home, chatting and laughing in high spirits.


I’m now sitting in the lobby waiting for permission to go into the ward. I had to tell them that I’m Alba’s cousin because it’s family only. She’s thought of some names apparently.

The End

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