Gabrielle wandered through the old, deserted streets. They were streets she used to know. The same streets she used to wander through when she was thinking, the streets she walked home from school through, the streets towards Dominick’s house. She wondered if there would be anything there. A new family perhaps? Of course she knew the Cardingtons had moved out.

The one thing she wished was that she didn’t see her family.

As she got closer to the place where he lived, her feet carrying her without having to look where she was going, she saw a familiar face. She didn’t even know where from, an old woman hobbling down the road towards her.

“Gabrielle! Dear, how are you?”

“Hi, I’m fine, how are you?”

“Oh, tired, my back’s playing up these days but I’m alive.  Jack’s okay too. He always talks about how you were his favourite pupil. Very bright.”

Jack... Jack Junoire. My primary school teacher.

“Oh thank you. I’m at Melif University now. Studying Genealogy.”

“Congratulations well done. I bet your mother’s proud.”

“Probably not.”

“What makes you say that? She misses you, you know. Ever since that wretched Dianna left her, she’s been pining.”

“Really? That’s typical of Dianna, unfaithful, disloyal, what did she do?”

“Oh that Harry, the King’s grandson, no less. I hear she’s not even inviting your mother to the wedding.”

“Oh Gosh! What about Daddy?”

“You don’t know? Oh you poor thing. He... he died two years ago. Of Meningitis... He regretted what he did, never got over it. He loved you all the way, my dear.”

Gabrielle shut her mouth and tried not to ry. She should never have gone, she thought. She should have stayed in the area and kept an eye on her father. She always knew he was weak, so why did she go?

“You should see your mother. She misses you so much, you know.”

Gabrielle nodded. “I will.”

Mrs Junoire hobbled away, down the road and round the corner. Gabrielle watched her, then turned and walked the way she had come, back towards the hotel to get her things before catching the train back home.

She had forgotten why she went there.


The End

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