29th May

Premier Inn, Room 231

Dear Diary,

Today I came to Harrington City to do a bit shopping for the honeymoon. All the clothes I have are for cold weather and seeing as we’re going somewhere warm, I thought it best to get the right sort of clothes. So I came into Harrington for a shopping spree. Of course I’ll have to come again soon for the bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress etc. but that’s for a later date.

Luckily, the town, Harrington City, is completely the opposite side of the city to the estate where I used to live.

This morning I walked into Staffold and Bryers and took the escalator to the third floor: the women’s section. I was browsing through some thin jumpers when I looked up. Across the section I saw a small, slim young woman with long black hair, like mine, in a ponytail, and pale skin. I recognized her but I wasn’t sure where from. However, I felt I didn’t want her to see me. When she turned around I ducked behind a row of jeans.

I sat there for a few minutes, trying to figure out who the girl was, before I poked my head up and stood back up. I checked to see where she was. She had moved a bit and was now looking at a stand of floral dresses. I felt I needed a closer look at her so I sidled towards her, pretending to peer at some lacy vests. She turned to face my direction and started walking towards me. I thought she had seen me. I slipped to the side, behind a pillar, and studied a woolly hat. When the girl got to the vests her mobile rang and I was saved.

I snuck away to try and get on with my shopping, but I couldn’t help but overhear her on the phone.

‘Yes Darling… yes, yes… I’ll ask Mummy. Mwa… Bye bye Darling!’ I recognized the voice and the way of talking too but I still couldn’t pin-point it. Who could it be?

After a while the eighteen year old lost me. I decided it was time for a snack. The top floor was the restaurant, and seeing as it was nearly lunch time and I had had breakfast so long ago, I slipped upstairs for a sandwich, a mug of coffee and a muffin.

I was nibbling my sandwich when she, whoever she was, wandered in with a large white bag in her hand. She ordered an espresso and sat down at the table behind me. Her phone rang again.

‘Yes dear, of course I’m coming… No, no… Oh how dreadful! Just wait ‘til you see what you see what I’ve picked out for you… Of course mine is divine as usual… I’m always to die for when it comes to these things… Any man would kill to have us on his arm! … Stunning… Ta Ta Ebony Darling!’

My ears pricked at this. The name Crystal said in this voice was something I had heard a million or more times before. I knew the owner of that voice was born on the seventh of December, 1979 and five thirty-two AM, and she was afraid of the dark until at least the age of twelve. She put on a posh accent to impress her posh friends and pretended she was of high breeding too. She had often dreamed of being a fairy princess who’d one day kiss a frog and live in a big pink castles with turrets and gardens as far as you can imagine, where she could wear sparkling dresses with poofy skirts, she could play forever with Ebony-Rai and Aramanta and sleep in a huge four-poster bed and ride ponies and have tiaras and shoes and jewels!

This girl was called Dianna Lilac Mountain and she had got me kicked out of home at the age of seventeen.

But I couldn’t hate her, little Dianna. After all, she was my little sister, little DiDi. Somehow she’d always looked up to me, even if she was conceited and posh was still my little sister. But anyhow, I didn’t want her to see me.

I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid Di and get on with my own shopping. It was hard but I managed… kind of. At last she left, so I hurried on. I didn’t finish though.

This is why I’m staying the night in a Premier Inn in Harrington City. It’s easier to get into town to shop tomorrow, than go home then come back again.

I suppose I should tell you what I actually got in the end. I bought a red V-neck t-shirt with a sun on it, three pairs of denim shorts, a pair of white jeans and a plain white t-shirt. That’s all so far.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful, with Di not showing up and spoiling things.

The End

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