Gabrielle woke early the next morning, on the floor of a
room she instantly recognised as Dominick's, at Alba's house. Deciding not to
disturb anyone, she crept downstairs, not without noticing the pain in her hip.
Must have been form falling out of bed!

Her breakfast consisted of a small bowl of cheerios, found
in a cupboard. Then, she snuck back upstairs, grabbed her bag and slipped into
the bathroom. And few minutes later, she had changed into her clean underwear,
and was back downstairs, reading.

It was at least an hour until the others woke. Alba wandered
down for breakfast at about five to seven. Her long silver-blonde hair was a

'I take it you slept well then.'

'Yes thanks. May I tell you something? I'll tell everyone
later, but I just need to tell someone, I can't wait!' she sounded excited.

'Alright then, I'm all ears!' Gabrielle replied.

'Okay. I - well - I'm pregnant!' she whispered, don't know
why, no one else was around.

'Oh my gosh! That's great news! That's absolutely wonderful!
Ooh!' I almost screamed.

Soon Hermann was down too. He made some eggs for us, and the
smell lured Dominick, who was feeling much better, too. When we were all
sitting around the small, well varnished, wooden table, Alba made her announcement.

'There's something I want to tell you all.' she paused, 'I'm
pregnant!' she cried.

There was a burst of excitement. Dominick yelped, Hermann
giggled like a little girl and Gabrielle started clapping.

'This causes for celebration, how about we all go to that
gorgeous cliff and have ice cream in the cafe! On me!' Hermann suggested. And
so it was.

Three hours later, they sat in a corner of the garden of a
secluded cafe in the middle of nowhere, eating mint choc chip ice cream. After
that, the group walked up on the cliff path. The views were like those of
paintings, as well as being beautiful; they were slightly misty and unfocused.

So there was a happy ending to this part of the tale. Remember
it’s only a part. There is more to come.

The End

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