When Gabrielle returned to Melif for the new academic year, there was a note on the floor. She stepped, not seeing it, and found it on the bottom of her suitcase later. It said.

Trudy broke up with me. Can’t say why. Need to talk. I’ll be at Ginny’s every day at 4:30 until you come.

Gabrielle was amazed. Dominick and Trudy had split up! She shouldn’t think such mean things but this meant they had a chance of a future together. But wait – Had he split up with her when he saw Gabrielle again? Because he thought she was better than Trudy? No. She banished that thought.

It was 2:00 so she’d meet him in two and a half hours. Before that, though, she decided to settle back in. Unfortunately that took minutes. Studying. No good. She couldn’t concentrate. The time passed so slowly. Tick. Tick. Tick. Too slow. She decided to go to town and go ice skating for the next hour and a half.

The time past quicker once she was having fun, but she was still agitated.  At least it was almost time.

Gabrielle wandered back to the town centre. Passing couples going for a late skate, she wandered on, worried about what would happen. It used to be natural being around Dominick. Maybe because it evolved from friendship? But it used to be calm and casual. Now Gabrielle felt awkward and self-conscious. She was scared and sweaty.

Ginny’s coffee house was popular but not full today. There was an old woman in the corner by the window, painting a copy of an old photo. There was a father with his two daughters. They ran around while he tried to control them, an old man smirked behind his paper. Dominick was not down there, so Gabrielle climbed upstairs. A waitress bustled past her with a large, cluttered tray. There were two men sitting have what seemed an important conversation, some young girls giggling, and Dominick. He sat in the corner window seat, gazing out at the deserted, smoky side-street. Gabrielle relaxed when she saw him. Lowering her shoulders and straightening her back, she strode over to him in her smart jeans and blue t-shirt. He looked up as she sat next to him and smiled.

‘You got my note! Good job I didn’t have to come and sit here every day for long!’

Gabrielle ordered a hot chocolate and the conversation followed on from there. There was no further mention of Trudy and how they split up.

The End

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