Dominick’s eyes flicked towards the altar. Gabrielle wasn’t sure if he saw her or not, but he turned to leave. Trudy put a hand on his arm. She said something to him and he smiled, but shook her hand off and walked away. Trudy looked helpless for a minute, very unlike her, Gabrielle thought. She was usually confident, determined. But she smiled bravely again, despite the thoughts running through her mind, and returned to the party.

Gabrielle didn’t quite believe she had just seen what she had. She almost felt sick. Fresh air was what she needed. Dominick had probably gone so it was safe.

Dominick was not gone. When Gabrielle got outside, she found him sitting on a wall behind the church. He was almost crying. He had definitely seen her. She wanted to talk to him but…

Could she? Could she dare? She heart was pounding so hard she was sure it wasn’t in her chest anymore. She had to heal old wounds. Gabrielle walked slowly over to the wall and sat next to the tall man. He looked up after a few seconds.

‘Is it..?’

‘Yes Dom, dear. It’s me.’

‘I never thought we’d speak again. How did you come to be here?’

‘I made friends with Hermann when I started Uni. You?’


‘Well? How did you meet?’

‘I got a job, she worked there too. You’re thinner.’

‘You’re taller. I don’t mind you and her you know, if you’re happy.’

‘But I’m not as happy as I was with you. I never will be. We need to be together Gabrielle, but I can’t hurt Trudy.’

‘No, she needs to be happy. It’s a wedding Dominick; we all need to be happy. Why don’t we go back in there and pretend we never spoke? I love you but... Trudy...’

‘We need to talk to smooth things out. Even while being with Trudy, I always thought higher of you. Now we’ve met again I can’t keep going with her! I wouldn’t work. Where do you live?’

Gabrielle gave him her address but they decided to go back into the party and pretend they never had this talk. They hugged tightly, and walked back in. But Gabrielle would not get Dominick off her mind.

The End

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