3rd May


Dear Diary,
Yesterday I received a letter. The first proper letter I've received in several years. I got quite excited, like I used to when I was a little girl. I hope it was a birthday card for my birthday was coming up in a few weeks.

But of course it wasn't because my family and old friends had no idea where I was and no one here knew my birthday. I sat back on my bed, wondering what it could be but not daring to open it.

I still haven't opened it. I came to the library because it's a place where no one will intervene.

I picked up the all-important white envelope. Running my finger along the edge, a sharp pain shot through my hand. ‘Damn it!’ I whispered and sucked my bleeding finger. Typical.

I slid the contents of the envelope onto the table. It looked, at first glance, like a card. An invitation.

It was made of a gold coloured card, and had “On their special day” printed delicately on the back. Whatever could it be?

Slowly turning it over, I gasped and the words on the front. “Hermann Dennison and Alba O’Brian request your attendance on the day of their marriage.”

I was horrified. Alba and Hermann? Married? All hope was lost. I would never find Dominick and she would never get Hermann. I couldn’t and wouldn’t go to the wedding. But then I might look rude. Hermann had been nice to me. And Alba was kind. I have to go really.

A paper fell out from inside the card. It was a note in neat handwriting I had never seen before.

It read;
“Dearest Gabrielle,
I know we haven’t got on best but I should like to be friends. As you are such good friends with Hermann I would very much like to get to know you better. I would like you to be Maid of Honour at the wedding,
Alba x”

Alba wanted to be friends. That changed things. Alba had been a threat before. Now that she was marrying Hermann she was enemy. But she wanted peace. She had specifically asked for me to be Maid of Honour! She classed me highly because I was friends with Hermann. Alba didn’t hate me.

I supposed I should take up her offer. At times like these I needed all the friends I could get. It would be hard. But Alba O’Brian (soon to be Dennison) will help me get over her fiancée.

I would have to go and see her and explain.

The End

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